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How to Install Pet Doors

Basic Dog Doors

Installing typical pet doors into any door can be easier than you thought! Measuring your pet and marking the required measurements on the door will make it simple. When choosing the correct dog door keep in mind the size of your pet, the size of the door, and the measurement of the opening and the dog door flaps. This information will guarantee the proper fit for your pet and your door.

Electronic Pet Doors

Mounting and installing automatic dog doors is as simple as putting in a basic pet door. The correct measurements will ensure these electric dog doors properly open and close. Keep in mind that any sensors on the automatic pet door are free of debris or blockage. These electronic pet doors will lock and unlock when your pet approaches.

Wall Mounted Dog Doors

Dog doors for walls are a little bit different when it comes to the installation process. Measuring the required space on the wall, as well as the thickness of the wall, and your pet will make certain of the proper fitting. These wall dog doors also feature extra insulation to avoid the outside elements entering your home.

Properly Install Your Pet Door

Freedom is something that every creature on this planet enjoys; whether they are wild or our family pets, either way, there is nothing like being able to go outside and enjoying the outdoors. Give your pets that same chance to feel free in your own backyard! A pet door provides that freedom to your pets with the right hardware and the proper training. There are no limits on where to place your door because GoodDeals.com offers a solution for every doggie door requirement or placement. For those families without a backdoor or patio can benefit from the dog doors for sliding glass doors that easily attach your patio’s entrance. Even if you do not want to deal with a noticeable hole in your door there are dog doors for walls that can be placed in a convenient location out of the way. An automatic pet door offers a highly advanced option for automatically granting your pet, and your pet only, the ability to come and go as they please! There are several mounting options available as there are brands, too. PetSafe pet doors are durable with innovative designs. StayWell dog doors and cat doors offer many options for any pet. Ideal Dog Doors ensures energy efficiency and weather-resistant designs.

Pet doors for sliding glass doors can provide those with a patio an option to let their dog or cat roam to the porch. These sliding glass pet door products will mean no more disturbances from your pet scratching at the door to get outside! Yes, we even offer doggie doors for sliding doors! The Patio Panel Pet Door is a durable yet stylish solution for granting your dog freedom to the patio, the porch, or the outdoor world. Each sliding door dog door ensures safety by providing a locking mechanism on the door to keep your pet and family safe even with the newly installed door! The locking dog door also allows you to control when your pet can and cannot use the door. GoodDeals.com offers designer sliding glass door pet doors for those who lack an old-fashion door!

Many of us like to maintain our homes to keep the image that we feel comfortable having for our décor. We love our pets, but having an unsightly hole in our front or backdoor are just not appealing to us! That is why GoodDeals.com offers wall dog doors for placing a pet door in any location in your home! The Wall Entry Pet Door from PetSafe can be placed in a wall that is convenient to you yet still accessible to your dog. This means no holes in your doors yet keeping your pets’ freedom untouched! A pet door wall installation is easy and even remains insulated to ensure energy efficiency. There is no need to start cutting holes in your front door with a dog door wall panel!

Some of us lead busy lives and cannot constantly lock and unlock the door for our pets! This is why the automatic pet door is the greatest invention for those who wish to grant their pet independence yet remain secure by granting only your pet access to your home. Electric dog doors, such as the SmartDoor Electronic Dog Door, basically attaches an electronic key to your home on your dog’s collar and grants them right of entry to their home! This infrared dog will lock out strange, wild creatures and other roaming pets of the neighborhood. The rest of your family has a key to their home – why shouldn’t your pet?

Wall Entry-
We have never used a pet door before. After researching all of the doors available, we ordered this one. Wow! What a time-saving tool this is for our King Charles Spaniel. It was easy to install in the wall beside our door. The flaps really work, and keep out unwanted pests and keep in our air and heat. We tried using the door taped open for a day. But after practicing holding a treat on the other side of the door for about ten minutes, our puppy really went for it! We keep it open until we go to bed at night, but we've left it open some nights. Apparently, our doggie smell keeps away the raccoons and the flaps keep in food odors from the house because we haven't experienced any "intruders". This is a sturdy unit that you will just love. You can lock the door from the inside or the outside with the hard cover that slides and locks in place. Super!
~Ann., SC, USA

Cat Windoor-
This (Cat) Windoor is NOT portable. It is definitely more of a permanent installation. In order for it to be safe and so people don't have easy access breaking into your home, you do have to screw mount this to the existing window (causing damage to the metal or wood) but you can have someone from the company come and install it for you. You do need power tools but it takes about an hour to install. We don't use the inside landing as it “kinda” shakes a bit. My cats love it! They go in and out of it all the time. They were used to a cat door at the old place we lived at with a sliding door cat door so this was a breeze but then maybe we just have smart cats, LOL!
~Lawerence, USA

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