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Tuesday, November 03, 2009
Preparing for Winter: Getting Your Home, Garden & Office Ready for Cold Weather

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By Kristin Masters

Cold weather came early this year, catching many people off guard. Even if Mother Nature brought winter already, it is still not too late to protect the family, pets, and yard from the ravages of cold weather. The right products can help keep everyone toasty warm till spring.Preparing for Winter: Tips for Home, Garden & Office

Staying Warm at Work

Ease the misery of chilly Monday mornings with clever devices that provide discrete warmth in and out of the office.

  • Keep a warm blanket in the car, to use while the heater in the car gets going. Wool blends retain more heat than cotton ones do.

  • Protect from injuries due to icy ramps and entry ways with an Ice-Away Melt Mat. These durable mats can be left outside for the entire winter, and are as effective as traditional embedded systems.

  • Install a radiant heating panel underneath the desk, for energy-efficient heating. Great for women who must wear skirts or dresses to work, these safe panels safely provide outstanding warmth.

  • Replace a traditional office footrest with a heated footrest, for built-in comfort.

Winter-proofing the Home

Create a cozy haven at home by banishing the cold. Smart weatherproofing and the right tools can help make any home more snug.

  • Be sure to check seals on windows. If necessary, use caulk to seal cracks and crevices. Additionally, place weather stripping on the bottom of doors, to eliminate draft.

  • Consider installing a programmable thermostat, which can be set to begin heating the house before anyone gets home. By the time the family arrives home, the house will already be warm.

  • Place a foot-warming mat by the couch, or even in front of the sink, to keep feet warm and toasty.

  • Since pets are just as susceptible to the cold as humans, a heated pet bed is a great way to protect furry family members from the winter chill.

Protecting Home and Garden

Plants and wildlife need protection from cold weather. Taking steps early can save landscaping and help wildlife survive the winter.

  • Drape plants with old towels or blankets to protect them from frost. Ground heat will stay under the blanket, forming a barrier against frost.

  • Build a miniature greenhouse or cold frame around more delicate plants. Radiant sunlight will be trapped inside, and the structure will serve as a barrier from the wind.

  • Birds get used to the steady food supply from bird feeders. Replace traditional feeders with all-weather feeders, which keep birdseed from getting moldy and provide a long-term supply of seed.

  • A heated birdbath provides even more comfort for birds, and keeps them coming to the yard year round. Regular birdbaths may freeze over in the wintertime.

  • Use a Thermo-Hose in the winter. While regular hoses must be drained between uses to prevent freezing, Thermo-Hoses maintain a steady water temperature.

Cold weather makes for difficult conditions in the office, home, and yard. Combating the chill of winter is easy with the right tools and preparation.

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