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Thursday, January 24, 2008
Your Lost Dog Could Be Another’s Profit

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By Heather Andrews

Did you ever think your dog could be stolen and held for ransom or even worse, turned into another person’s meal? Pet theft is a huge problem, not just in the United States but all over the world. There are almost 75 million pet dogs in America and it is estimated by some that almost two million dogs In the U.S. are being stolen each year. The outcome can lead to many horrible things for your family’s adored pet.

Though it may sound disturbing and gross to our society, the ones we call “man’s best friend” could be called another person’s cuisine. In some cultures, dog meat is considered to be part of a diet, both as a delicacy or as a ritual part of a meal. Battles are being waged across the planet over the subject of whether or not the consumption of dog meat is humane and as a result illegal dog meat trades are popping up all over. Dog meat trade is grossing millions of dollars each year, with the illegal trade rings mostly taking strays in and stealing pets.

Although dog meat trade occurs mostly overseas, stolen pets in America is still an important concern. Pet theft has been on the rise as the demand for turning our dogs into a source of profitable income has risen. Not only has the dog meat trade become a grossing market, but so has illegal dog fighting rings and kidnapping dogs for ransom. Many dogs end up stolen for the purpose of becoming practice dummies for the dogs that are trained to fight. Dogs left outside can be easy to steal and hard to trace.

There are many different measures that dog owners can take to prevent their pets from becoming lost or even stolen. A few examples can include:

  • Do not leave your dog outside alone when you are in public. It may be tempting to tie the leash to a tree while you run into the store, but this could tempt a pet thief.

  • Look into buying a GPS collar system to keep track of your dog while they are outside of your home. This is also helpful if they get lost.

  • Make sure your pets are fenced in or their roaming is controlled.

  • Make sure your dog has a dog collar ID that has all of your contact information so the dog does not appear to be a stray.

Your dog is a huge part of your family, if not somebody’s best friend; so keep them close by making sure they’re loved and cared for as you would anybody else in your family. Keep them safe as they do the same for you and your family.

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