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Tuesday, March 23, 2010
How To Go Green At The Office

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By Anjali Kundra

Have you taken up a green lifestyle at home, but are frustrated with the lack of initiative at work? There are many small yet significant steps to get your office onto the right path. Here’s how to show everyone in your company that going green is not only ecological, it’s economical.

  • Winter Mornings Cost More. Ask your boss to consider investing in under desk foot heaters. It is a greener option, using less electricity to keep workers warmer than a heating system. Less energy means less money – use it as a selling point. Complete a cost-comparison to see how soon giving each employee a heater, rather than running the heater, would save the company money.Go Green at the Office - Get Rid of Harmful and Wasteful Water Bottles

  • Start a Recycling Initiative. Several recycling companies cater specifically to businesses. They usually provide the main bin and convenient pick-up for your office. Research the best commercial recycling company for your area, looking for one that is not strict on recycling rules so that employees will be more willing and likely to recycle.
    You might also want to look into how you would set up the system in your office. Examples include: how many smaller bins in the office, where they would be placed, who would be responsible for taking the recycling out, etc.

  • Switch to Eco Friendly Products. There are many cleaning supplies and toiletries you can ask your boss or manager to implement – while it can be more expensive to purchase green product, retailers are making products easier to find and more cost effective.

  • Move From Disposable to Reusable. Companies online provide special discount prices on mass orders of water bottles, thermoses, and other promotional products. Convince your boss to invest in one thermos or water bottle for each employee. Stress that doing so could reduce waste and cut costs on the cups that are being used, costing them more in the long run. Not only could this action reduce costs and heighten a sense of unity, but it also would encourage employees to drink more water and foster better health.

One Person Makes a Difference

  • Bring your lunch from home in a reusable container. This helps reduce waste from take-out and processed food packaging. It also saves you money and is most likely healthier than going out to lunch every day, which is good for everyone in our current economy.

  • Invest in a water bottle. While your co-workers keep sipping out of disposable bottles and soda cans that are not being recycled, you can take the initiative to bring your own bottle to work and reduce waste by refilling it if your company is not willing to.

  • Recycle for yourself. If your company doesn’t have a recycling program and refuses to implement one, you can still recycle things at the office if you recycle at home. All you have to do is take the time and effort to bring papers and bottles home.

  • Carpool. This is a classic, and a great option. If you have an equally enthusiastic friend about green (whether it’s the environment or their paycheck), ask them if they want to help reduce gas consumption and save some money by carpooling.

Even if there is nothing you can do to get your co-workers and company to go greener, there are plenty of steps you can take to ensure you are helping the environment to the best of your ability.

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