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Friday, August 06, 2010
Training Your Pet: Pet Doors

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By Michael K.

Having any pet comes with a great deal of responsibility. As a dog or cat owner, among other routine tasks, you’re charged with feeding your pet, taking him to the vet, and as the case may be with dogs, giving them the occasional bath. It can be a full time job! Installation can be easy and might not be the issue; but rather its the training that can be a problem!

That’s why when you’re not fulfilling these duties as a pet owner, you want to fill the time you have with your four-legged friend with playing and cuddling, NOT opening and closing the back door, and standing around waiting for him or her to finish their business. Pet doors have long given owners more free time to take care of other things so time spent with Fido can be quality time.

In addition, many modern pet doors have solved the problems associated with older designs. Where stray animals wondering into your home used to be a risk of having a pet door, newer models, such as the SmartDoor, has solved this problem by utilizing electronic transmitters to allow only your pet to enter your home. Have a sliding glass door? No problem. A new pet door design called the Through Glass Cat Door has you covered, allowing you to put your pet door in a sliding glass door without impeding its motion.

There’s just one problem: Fido doesn’t know how to use the pet door! Training your pet to use a pet door can be a chore. Depending on whether you have a dog or a cat, training your pet to use their own door can be as simple as showing it to him or her. To help you with this part of teaching your pet, GoodDeals.com has compiled a short list of some of the most popular methods used in training pets specifically to use a pet door. Take a look and see if there isn’t a little info you’d like to pass on to your pet!


Depending on the breed, age, and disposition of your dog, pet door training can be as simple as showing the door to him or her, but will in many cases require a little effort. Regardless of how much help your pet needs, it shouldn’t take much more than a week to get them using the door on their own.

Start first by holding the door open. Many times, if a dog can see a familiar area through the door, they will just bolt right though. If that doesn’t work, try inviting a friend over to hold the door open while you stand on the other side calling his or her name. In the event that doesn’t work; try enticing your pet with their favorite toy or snack. If, with repetition, none of the above methods work, try bringing a pet over that knows how to use door. Many times, seeing another animal use the door will do the trick.


Generally speaking, cats are a little more difficult to convince to use a pet door. The awkwardness of pushing open a flap along with the loud noise of the door slamming shut are usually too much for most felines. There are however, some cats that have used pet doors their entire lives without a problem. Turning your kitty from a “scardy-cat” to an independent feline-about-town may just be a matter of employing a few simple tricks.

It helps with cats to be a little more assertive. Assuming your cat it already an outdoor cat, and doesn’t mind spending time outside, it’s usually just a little push through the door that is needed to get the ball rolling. If your door makes a loud noise when it closes, hold it open so it doesn’t scare your cat the first time through. Repeat this activity (in and out) allowing the door to slam just a little harder each time. Eventually, the noise shouldn’t bother the cat at all, and they’ll have the hang of it.

Training your pet to use a door can free up your schedule and give them the freedom the desire to come in and out as they please. Use some of these tips to train your pet, and start spending more quality time with them!

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