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Friday, October 01, 2010
Keeping Fido Comfortable this Winter

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By Michael K.

Fall is upon us, and that means, along with the harvest, cooler weather will be coming. Depending on where in the country you live, this can mean anything from 50 degree nights at the coldest to daily sub-zero temperatures!

And while we make our preparations for this new season, buying sweaters, gloves, and winter jackets for ourselves and the kids, very rarely do we think of the other members of our family: our pets!

Yes, it’s true that most of our pets have a protective fur coat to keep them warm when the seasons change, but did you know that as a house pet, your dog or cat, naturally loses its ability to regulate its body temperature to such extremes? It’s true! Since they, like us, spend most of the time indoors when the weather gets intolerable they become reliant on air conditioning and heating to some degree. Think about it: doesn’t your family pet like snuggling with you under the covers?

A number of pet-loving businesses have recently recognized this, and pioneered the manufacture of a new kind of pet accessory: the pet warmer. Granted, there are several kinds of pet warmer, some for cats, some for dogs, and all for pets of varying sizes, so we decided it would be a good idea to organize them to help our customers find the pet warmer that works best for them and their four-legged friend.


  • Tunnel: Cats love to fit themselves into small places anyway. Pet toy manufacturers have recognized this, and made numerous toys, including tunnels made specifically for cats. This heated crinkle sack is a comfy place for your kitty to keep warm.

  • Window Sill: For those cats who like to look out the window (especially those in apartments) this heated bed mounts to the window sill – a place that can get particularly chilly during the winter time.

  • Bed: Every cat has “his” spot. You know, it’s the place he goes to sleep 10 hours a day! Well, why not make his favorite spot in your home a little more comfortable by furnishing it with a heated bed?


  • Thermo-Bed: Give your dog a warm and comfy place to lie down after a long day of chasing his tail in the snow. This dual thermostat heated dog bed is available in 3 sizes to accommodated dogs of all kinds, keeping your “best-friend” toasty warm all night long.

  • Bolster Bed: Like the thermo bed, a bolster bed will keep your dog nice and warm, but with a few additional comforts. These dog beds are made with orthopedic foam, and is finished with a bolster pillow that traced the outside of the bed, giving your puppy a comfy place to rest.

On top of the great pet warmers we’ve mentioned here, there are a couple generic options such as a pet bed warmer in case your pet already has a favorite bed, but needs it warmed.

Remember Fido this winter; he gets chilly too!

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