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Friday, March 04, 2011
Hassle-Free Pet Care

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By Michael K.

Everyone loves having Fido around, but let’s face it: sometimes, we’d rather not be bothered with the work that goes into taking care of him. That’s why, over the last few years, a number of ingenious pet-care devices have been invented. Now we can share our pets’ love without breaking our backs.

Potty Time

Every pet needs to go, but some of us live in high-rise apartments, making this a 5+ time/day ordeal. Other live in harsh climates, where the trek outside is downright unpleasant for both pet and owner. For these occasions, there’s The Pet Loo Potty System. Designed to let your pet do his business in the comfort of your home without creating a mess or odor, this handy mat saves you time and energy.

For our feline friends, or other pets who already go indoors, there have been advancements in odor containment. Both fashionable litter box covers and specially-designed scoopers cut down on dust, significantly reducing both smell and mess.


While remembering to feed your pet is never much of a problem, knowing how much or how often to feed him sometimes is. According to the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association, over 40% of America’s pet population is overweight. One way we can curtail this epidemic is by feeding our pets proper portions at regular intervals. That’s where an automatic pet feeder comes in. You’ll never have to worry again about over-feeding your pet. What’s more, there are also automatic pet water dispensers which ensure your pet is always getting the freshest water available.

If you live in a cold climate, and have an outdoor pet, you might look into getting a heated water bucket. Designed to provide (liquid) water for your pet no matter what the weather, these handy devices guarantee you’ll never again have to trek out in the snow to chip ice out of a water dish.  


If you’ve ever brought the family pet on a road trip, you know that some animals, whether they’re getting a little “gray in the whiskers” or perhaps are a little shy, could use a little help getting in the car. Rather than break your back trying to lift your dog into the car, why not take advantage of an application-specific pet ramp? You’ll save on chiropractic visits, and you’ll give your pet a sense of accomplishment.

Could your pet use help around the house too? There are a number of decorative pet steps designed to help your pet get onto and off of couches, chairs, beds, and any other high-up place.  

Whether you’ve got a cat, dog, ferret, or goldfish, we could all use a little help taking care of our pets sometimes. Why not take advantage of these technological advances and make your life together a little easier?

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