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Thursday, May 10, 2012
How to Scare Away Birds

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By Heather Andrews

Keeping birds away from your outdoor garden, beautiful farmers porch, relaxing balcony or roof has been a timeless challenge for many homeowners and small businesses. Luckily, through innovation and observing nature, there are several solutions to this bird control issue. Not every bird deterrent works the same or has the same price. Use this guide to find the best solution for your bird control problem.

Small Areas and Low Cost Solutions
  1. Bird Decoy - Placing a replica of a known predator can do the trick of scaring away birds. Choose the Red Tail Hawk bird decoy since it is a natural daytime predator and birds are most active during the day. This simple solution works to deter birds and can add a bit of decor to your outside space.
  2. Bird Spikes - Stainless steel bird spikes come in different widths and lengths so you can customize this bird control to the area you are protecting. The bird spikes help to scare away birds by not providing a place for them to perch. The bird control spikes work well for your roof, top of a shed or garage and other fairly out of sight to humans, but attractive to birds spots.
  3. Taste Aversion - Bird control sprays can be used to add a smell and taste that birds avoid. Use a bird repelling spray on grassy areas.
  4. Bird Netting - Bird netting is a very effective way to scare away birds from areas they are unwanted. Bird netting requires little maintenance and keeps birds away from the protected areas.
Large Size Areas and More Expensive Solutions

Sonic and ultrasonic bird repellers are a solution for scaring birds away from larger areas. These types of bird repellents are available in products that cover one acre to products that cover 7 acres and large commercial bird repellers that cover up to 30 acres. These high-end bird control systems emit various sounds to scare off birds. The sonic bird repellers are audible to the human ear and sound like normal sounds of birds. To birds, these sounds are distress or predator calls that scare them from the area. The ultrasonic bird repellents are inaudible to humans and provide a high frequency sound that birds can hear. The ultrasonic bird repellers do not harm birds, but are effective at deterring them. These bird control products usually deter several types of birds and are available for different groups or species of birds.

If you are looking to protect the inside of a warehouse or other open indoor space, consider a bird laser. The indoor bird laser works day and night to scare away birds with the constant movement of lasers.

Birds are a valuable part of our world and can often be a joy to have around. However, they are not always welcome and there are places that you need to protect from bird pests. Birds can cause safety issues, distractions and messes for your home or business. Use a safe and effective method to scare birds away.

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