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Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Choosing the Right Bird Control Products

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By Heather Andrews

Keeping birds out of unwanted areas can be a challenge. There are many product solutions that you can choose from. Here is a guide to determining the right bird control method for your space.

Indoor vs Outdoor
Bird control works best by using the sounds of bird distress calls and predator cries. Using sound to deter birds from an area is very effective, but the sounds can be distracting to humans. Choose audible bird repellers for spaces such as around crops, open parking lots or airfields.

If you have an open warehouse, barn, open food court or factory where humans will be present, choose an ultrasonic bird repeller or a laser to deter birds.  Ultrasonic bird repellers, such as the
Quadblaster Bird and Bat Repeller, can keep birds and their dangerous droppings from interfering with humans while remaining fairly unnoticeable. A bird laser can usually be used indoors or outdoors and is best suited for areas where there are large spaces to protect and where the laser can be placed out direct human sight such as the rafters of a warehouse, loading docks, transit facilities and more.

Sound vs Visual vs Physical
There are three main ways to deter birds from entering a space: audible or ultrasonic sounds, visual repellers and physical deterrents.

Repelling birds with sound usually covers the most area. Audible and ultrasonic distress or predator sounds can be adjusted to deter birds from far away.

Visual repellers are usually in the form of a laser or predator decoy. The laser can be used to keep birds from settling on a rooftop or in an area not directly in human sight. Predator decoys such as a
hawk decoy are used for smaller outdoor areas.  A decoy may appear as a lawn ornament or garden decor to the human eye, but for birds it will appear as a predator. Hawks are daytime predators which helps to improve the effectiveness for scaring away birds. Use multiple hawk decoys to cover larger areas such as a parking lot or pasture.  Remember to adjust the position of the decoys every so often so birds do not become used to where they are located.

Physical deterrents include
bird spikes and bird netting. These methods prevent birds from settling in unwanted areas with coverage of physical material. Bird spikes are great for covering smaller areas where humans are not likely to walk such as rooftops or other high up structures birds tend to settle or nest on.  Bird netting is a great bird control option when protecting an open outside area such as a patio, a sports field or arena, gardens, bridges and more. Netting can be placed over an open area without interfering with human activity.

Coverage Area
Measuring the size of the area you would like to keep birds away from is important. Choose an option that best suits the space you are looking to control. If it is a small balcony or garden, choose a small ultrasonic bird control device such as the
Balcony Guard or a visual decoy such as the Hawk Decoy.

If the area you are looking to protect is large and mostly away from human traffic, choose an audible distress and predator call bird control device.

If the area is widely accessed by humans, use an ultrasonic bird control device or bird netting.

All of the methods described to scare away birds are safe and human. Controlling birds does not mean you ever need to harm them to keep them away. The options available vary widely in many ways to ensure you can find the right choice for your space.

For a full view of our bird control products, view our bird control comparison chart.

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