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Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Are Heated Pet Beds Safe for Dogs and Cats?

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By Heather Andrews

Yes, heated pet beds are mostly safe for dogs and cats. As with any electrical appliance, you should be sure to plug it into a surge protector. If your cat likes to chew on wires, you should avoid using a heated pet bed. However, for most cats and dogs, a heated pet bed is a comfortable addition to the home.

Pets love a warm place to sleep, especially as they age, and can provide many benefits.
Heated pet beds can provide comfort for pets suffering from arthritis, stiff joints, and other conditions. If you keep your dogs hair groomed short, the heated pet bed can provide the extra warmth during colder months and saves you from letting your dogs hair grow long. Heated pet beds also enable owners to keep their homes a little cooler without worrying that your cat or dog will be cold when you are not home.

Follow these tips for selecting the right heated cat or dog bed and ensuring your pet enjoys it.

  1. Choose the right size. Cats usually enjoy a snug fit in their bed and dogs just want to lay on a bed that is the right size (usually a little larger than themselves). Pet beds come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to choose the one that is the best fit for your cat or dog.

  1. Choose the right shape. Heated pet beds come in a variety of shapes and thickness. If you have an older dog and are looking for a thick heated dog bed, choose one that is still firm for them to be able to get up easily.  For cats, some like to be completely enclosed while others prefer a regular bed. Check out the Thermo Kitty Cabin that is flexible and can be formed into three different shapes!

  1. Ensure the right amount of heat. Most pet beds heat to 102ºF while others heat to 10-15ºF above the air temperature. If you are using a heated pet bed that automatically adjusts to the temperature, be sure to remove the heating element in the summer time. Some pet beds can even detect when the animal is laying on it and will automatically turn on.

  1. Place the heated dog or cat bed where they are most likely to use it. Pets like to lay by a window or near where their owners are (like by the couch or your bed). Find a spot where your pet is likely to want to sleep.

  1. Know where you will use the heated pet bed. Only use an indoor heated dog or cat bed inside. If you are planning to use the heated dog bed in a dog house, garage or other area that is outdoors or exposed to weather, be sure to purchase an outdoor pet bed. There are also outdoor heated cat beds designed for use outside.

Give your pets a warm and cozy place to sleep with a heated pet bed. Treat your older pets to heat therapy that provides relief to joint pain. Heated pet beds not only provide comfort for your dog or cat, but the heat also helps to increase blood flow and relax sore muscles and joints.A heated pet bed is a wonderful gift to give your dog or cat.

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