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Wednesday, January 16, 2013
The Cost of Mice in your Home

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By Heather Andrews

Mouse ControlIf you see a mouse in your house, chances are there are several more mice sharing your home. Where there are mice, there is almost always mouse damage. Damage from mice in your home can result in a significant cost to the homeowner. Effective mouse control  is important to keeping your home safe and damage free.

  1. Chewing wires - Mice like to hide out in electrical appliances and may chew on the wiring. This can result in hazards of an electrical fire or be create an unsafe environment for pets, children and others living in the home. Not to mention the damage that is caused to the electrical appliances that the mice are living in.

  1. Gnawing at wood and insulation - Mice in your home are likely to gnaw at the insulation in your walls or the wood of your structure and baseboards. Mice can cause damage to your home that can go undetected until there is a major problem.

  1. Mouse holes - Mice will chew an entrance into your home that could let other creatures and critters in leading to an insect infestation that can be costly to eliminate.

  1. Mouse droppings -Mice and their parasites carry diseases that can be very harmful to the health of your family and pets. Mouse droppings can contaminate your living area with health risks. Some mice carry deadly diseases such as leptospirosis, murine typhus, rickettsialpox, tularemia, lymphocytic choriomeningitis and potentially bubonic plague.

  1. Smell - Mouse infestations can cause your house to smell musty and eventually may result in the need to have your furniture and curtains professionally cleaned cleaned.

  1. Eating at your food or pet food - Mice don’t eat alot, but they do nibble a bit on everything that is available to them. Mice feeding on your or your pet’s food could contaminate an expensive portion of your groceries.

Lack of mouse control in your home can pose a potentially dangerous situation for your family as well as cost you thousands in repairs. Make sure your family is educated on how to identify a mouse problem and get rid of them.  The first step to avoiding a costly mouse infestation is to ensure you are not leaving out anything that might attract mice. The second step is to repel mice and rats that may be attracted to your home.  You can use an ultrasonic mouse repellent all day everyday to help ensure your home is protected from mouse damage.  Don’t let mice cause your family financial or physical damage. Be on the lookout for mice in your home and address the problem immediately.

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