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Monday, January 28, 2013
Spring Activities for Preschools

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By Heather Andrews

As the weather starts to get warmer, there is more opportunity to let the children enjoy the outdoors. The sunshine often catches a child's attention and has them staring out the window longing to go play. Discover tips for letting preschool children fulfill the desire to be outside while still focusing on education and building their minds.

  1. Bring the classroom outdoors - Let each child carry their easy stack preschool chairs outside or take the class to a grassy area. Make sure your lesson plan for this time incorporates the outdoors in the material. Do not take the preschool class outside and then teach something that doesn’t encourage them to engage with their environment. Being outside during school time is exciting for preschoolers and it should be leverage to peak their interest and educate them on their surroundings. An example of great lesson plan for this type of activity includes discussing the different types of trees they see and then go over others that are not in your area of the country or teach directions allowing the students to get up and go to which way is “north” and so on.

  2. Have story time outside - Read to your preschool class while they are enjoying the sunshine. The outdoor environment may help them to relax more while listening. This is a great activity for just before naptime. To make outdoor story time easier, use a rolling storybook center on wheels.

  3. Have a picnic - Take your preschool class outside for lunch or snack time and create a picnic. Be sure to tell parents of this plan in advance so they can pack picnic friendly foods. You can also use this time to continue education the preschool children while you have a group discussion on what different animals eat such as the squirrels and chipmunks.

  4. Arts & Crafts - The outdoors is a great place to have outdoor arts and crafts. Painting and other normally messy activities can be less of a stress on the teach whey they are outdoors. Remember to protect the children’s clothing with smocks and use stand up easels so they are not sitting on the pavement. If the full art activity can’t be done outside, try allowing for a little time to gather items from outside to bring into the classroom to be used for art. Examples of great art items that can be found on the preschool playground include leaves, pine cones and rocks.

  5. Outdoor fair day - Create a very special and exciting day when you have an outdoor fair day. Let your preschool group decide what items to include in their fair day and have them all participate in the preparation. Fair day can include different games and activities such as a bean bag toss, fishing for rubber duckies, snow cone making and jumping in an inflatable bounce house.
Let the outdoors be part of the education curriculum and encourage preschool children to spend more time outside. Preschool children will benefit from the change of environments and the opportunity to integrate the outdoors with their class.

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