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Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Caring for your Pet in Modern America - Pet Electronics

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By Heather Andrews

Caring for your pet has become more sophisticated with the introduction of technology into almost all categories of pet products from electric pet fences, to automatic feeders, to electric pet doors. Technology can make caring for a pet easier, but requires knowledge of how to effectively use each product and a back up plan for when it fails. Learn the ways pet electronics simplify pet care and how to be prepared.

  1. Electronic Pet Doors - Electronic pet doors help to keep your home safe from unwanted visitors and your heating or air conditioning from spilling out into the outdoors. Automatic pet doors provide easy access between outside and inside for your pet. Most electronic pet doors require a tag on your pet’s collar that the door senses and opens when it is in a certain range. Pet doors can be used to allow certain pets outside or in certain rooms, but not others. If you have an indoor cat and a dog, this could be the perfect solution for you. However, as with any battery powered device, you need to ensure the batteries are functioning and that your pet continues to have access. Never leave your pet alone for a long period of time relying on the pet door as your pet sitter.

  2. Automatic Pet Feeders and Waterers - Automatic pet feeders and waterers are great for keeping a fresh supply of food and water for your pet. Several pet feeders on the market include timed release so you can ensure your pet’s meals are properly portioned and spread-out across time. Pet waterers allow for ample water to be left out for your pet and is favored by many pets, especially cats. There are even automatic outdoor pet watering devices to supply your dog with fresh water while enjoying the outdoors. The outdoor water fountains for dogs helps prevent drinking from dirty puddles and other water sources. As with the pet doors, the automatic pet feeders and waterers are great for regular use, but should not be relied on to care for your pet during extended absences.

  3. Electric Pet Fences - Electric pet fences are a great way to keep your pets secured within your property without the need to actual fences all around your home. Pet’s can usually dig around or find holes in regular fences so the electric pet fences can offer more assurances that your pet is staying in the area you designate. Most electric pet fences come with fail safe features to prevent over correction.

  4. Anti-Bark Devices and Pet Training - There are a variety of electronic pet training devices available online and in pet stores. You can train pets to stop barking, stay off of the couch and even ring a doorbell to come in from outside. Most pet training devices uses static or ultrasonic sound to correct pet’s behavior. This new technology based way of training your pet can be very effective in helping to create a more obedient pet.

  5. Automatic Litter Box - Automatic cleaning litter boxes are a favorite among cat owners. These pet care devices offer continuous cleaning that reduces odor and is easy to use. Most automatic cleaning litter boxes are powered by an AC adapter and rarely fail unless the power goes out. You can almost always depend on the automatic little boxes to do their job and make cleanup much easier for you.

There are so many products that help you care for and train your pet. Let modern technology support you, but always be cautious not to completely depend on it. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to meet the needs of your pet. If you have a pet, you must be willing to do everything you can to take care of it and love it. While pet electronics should never replace your duties as a pet owner, it can certainly make life a little simpler.

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