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Thursday, April 03, 2008
Collars: A Shock to Man's Best Friend

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By Grace Chen

Who hasn't fallen in love with a furry little puppy? Their cool, wet noses, fresh, clean coats, and those droopy eyes just touch the kinder side of mankind. As those puppies grow, they need love, attention and training. Dog experts have long agreed that a dog is much happier, more self-assured, and gives greater benefit to his human companion when that pet is properly trained and disciplined.

There are a several schools of thought on dog training, but most dog experts agree that a combination of boundary setting, follow-up, and positive reinforcement work best when training young dogs. They also agree that negative reinforcement, such as hitting, spanking, or the use of electric shock collars, can have negative long term psychological, and sometimes physical effects on man’s best friend.

According to the American Humane Society, The African Conservation Foundation, and The Scottish Kennel club, shock collars are painful, cruel, and inhumane. Shock collars can be dangerous to pets, sometimes causing painful burns to a dog’s skin. In England, there is a law under consideration calling for the unilateral ban of shock collars for dogs due to their danger and inhumane effects on them. There is also rising sentiment among experienced professional dog trainers that shock collars are ineffective and inhumane.

Let's face it; all dogs misbehave from time-to-time, but training your beloved pet to be well-behaved, and therefore live a more fulfilling life, may be easier than you think – especially without the use of shock collars.

Here are some tips to fetch your dog’s affection and attention at training time:

  • Be patient with your dog, as it takes a normal pup several weeks to grasp each new concept. Be kind about small indiscretions, which are normal.

  • Be consistent. Many dog trainers spend as much time convincing dog owners of the importance of being consistent with their canine as they do in training the dog.

  • Find an effective, humane way to get the dogs attention – through the use of an ultrasonic pet training device, for example – then reinforce the positive behavior you expect from your pup with love and encouragement.

Dog ownership is a labor of love, patience and mutual trust. Every pet owner forms lasting bonds with his or her canine by working through simple tasks like potty training and kennel time, and then through more intermediate activities, such as sitting and staying.

There are advanced activities that are just as important, however, and should not be overlooked. These include:

  • Teaching no nuisance barking

  • Teaching him or her to stay in the yard, within prescribed boundaries

  • Teaching not to run off

  • Teaching not to jump up

For these important training lessons, experts recommend a humane ultrasonic training device – which works effectively, yet humanely by emitting an attention-getting sound, but causes no risk or harm to your pup. Use in conjunction with the methods listed above, and enjoy great results for both you and your best friend’s long-term happiness.

Dog experts know that man’s best friend is sensitive and eager to please; thus, always keep in mind that anything that gets your pet’s attention humanely and painlessly is responsible dog ownership. Always remember to use love and plenty of encouragement. It will be no shock that you have a fine, well-trained pup.

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