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Wednesday, November 05, 2008
The Secrets of Beautiful Fall Gardens

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By Grace Chen

Fall is here and it is time to start thinking of how you are going to decorate your garden for the changing of the seasons. Need some fall decorating ideas? Here are some tips.

Think of Your Feathered Friends

You might have spent your whole summer long watching the birds in your garden. But what are your feathered friends going to do as the weather turns cold? Keep in mind that while some birds will fly to warmer climates as the seasons start to change, some do stick around even in the snowGardening in the Fall In fact, as the weather gets colder it can be harder for birds to find the food and water that they need to survive. You can help them out with a few garden accessories and receive the added benefit of getting to watch their antics.

For food, birdfeeders are a great way to help feed the birds easily. When choosing a birdfeeder, you can look for any combination of style and function that you would like. Keep in mind that the style and size of your birdfeeder will affect the types of seeds you can use as well as the types of birds that you will attract.

If you have a problem with squirrels, consider getting a squirrel-proof feeder or one that can hang in a location that is difficult for squirrels to get at. If you live in an area with especially harsh weather conditions, consider a feeder that protects the food in extreme circumstances, like the All-Weather Bird Feeder.

Another garden accessory to consider for your feathered friends is a heated bird bath. As the nights get colder and longer, shallow puddles and bird baths can ice over, making it difficult for the birds to get to the water that they need to survive. A heated bird bath will help to solve this problem. Already have a birdbath and don’t want to invest in a second one? A birdbath deicer can convert your existing bird bath into a usable one all winter long.

Outdoor Ponds

Many people are installing ponds in their garden. The soothing water can host a wide variety of plant life and even be home to a few koi if you so desire. However, ponds do require a certain amount of upkeep to keep them beautiful.

One of the concerns with having a pond is the standing water. Standing water can become stagnant, developing an odor and a discoloration as well as becoming a home to unwanted mosquitoes. By installing a pond fountain you can help keep the water moving. This allows needed oxygen to your pond to keep odor to a minimum, and the motion will help prevent mosquitoes from landing and laying their eggs.

If you live in a colder climate where freezing is a common concern in the fall and winter months, you might consider having a pond deicer. This device helps to keep pond temperatures warm enough that the water does not freeze over, preventing cracks in the lining of your pond and possibly allowing you to keep fish outdoors all season long. A thermostatically controlled water hose will prevent your garden hose from clogging up with ice and becoming useless.

Fall is a great time to enjoy the great outdoors. So grab a rake and a few decorating supplies and get ready to make your garden a place that you can enjoy all season long.

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