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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
How To Keep Your Kids Away From Strangers

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By Grace Chen

As important as keeping your kid’s safe is, it’s a hard task. Older children do not want you following them around everywhere, walking them to school, or hanging out with them when they go to the playground with their friends. However, older children are at as big of a risk from strangers as younger ones, sometimes more so since they are often unaccompanied. Here, discover eight techniques for your kids which will help keep them safe.Safety Tips for Children

  1. Utilize a Whistle – A whistle can be a powerful tool should someone try to grab your child. The best thing that you can do is teach your child how avoid dangerous situations. During this learning process, a whistle is a great back up plan.

  2. Stick To Groups – There is always safety in numbers, and walking home with a group of friends from school is safer than walking alone.

  3. Be Aware and Alert – Encourage your child to be aware of what is going on at all times. Have them avoid talking on the phone or listening to headphones while walking. Practice walking and paying attention, asking your child to identify things to be aware of their surroundings, such as the color of the last car that passed by.

  4. Listen To Your Feelings – Many people have a particular gut feeling that tells them something is not right. Help your child to listen to those gut feelings, and if he or she doesn’t feel safe then to get to somewhere where they do feel safe as fast as they can.

  5. Make Keys Accessible – If your child is old enough to drive, a prime time for them to be accosted is when they are fumbling with the keys to the car. This can also be true when searching for their house keys. Instead of allowing them to throw their keys into the bottom of their backpack or purse, consider getting a belt clip or lanyard that they can wear to have them more accessible.

  6. Keep Your Whistle Handy – A safety whistle only works if you can get to it in time. Attach it to a key ring, bracelet, or lanyard so that it is always within reach.

  7. Use Your Whistle Properly – It is important that you child understands that the whistle is not a toy and should only be used in an emergency situation, and when grabbed/ bothered by a stranger to make as much noise as possible. This includes blowing the whistle, yelling for help, and outright screaming. This is much more likely to attract attention from people nearby, and may even startle the stranger enough to scare him or her away. If your child is able to get away from the stranger, make sure that they know safe places that they can run to in order to get help.

  8. Know When To Act – If you hear someone else blow a whistle, they are in trouble. Start looking around immediately and see if you can locate the source of the noise. If you see anything that looks remotely suspicious, call 911 and report the activity to the police. We’re all in this together – let’s keep each other safe.

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