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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
How To Deal With Your Neighbor's Barking Dog

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By Grace Chen

If you live in a neighborhood with dogs, chances are you are going to hear barking from time to time. After all, that is the nature of the beast, and many dogs bark as a way to scare away intruders. However, if that barking has gone from occasional to incessant there are some legal ways that you can get your neighbor to keep the noise down. It is about time to handle the neighbor with a barking dog problem!

Talk To Them! - Before you do anything, the best thing that you can do is talk to your neighbor. If they are gone frequently, they may not realize how the problem has escalated. Remember to keep things polite – getting angry will just cause tension. If you are uncomfortable talking to them in person, or are unable to catch them at home, you can consider leaving an anonymous note informing them of the problem. Never resort to threats, as these are illegal and can land you in trouble.PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control

Determine The Cause - In some cases, you may be able to pinpoint the reason why the dogs are barking. For instance, they may be set off by the kids walking to school, squirrels getting into the bird feeder, or separation anxiety when their owner leaves for the day. If you are able to figure out why the dog is barking, then you can let your neighbor know so that they can take the dog in at that time.

Attempt All Options - There are many anti-bark devices the market today. From inaudible ultrasonic frequencies to tones you can hear, handheld training devices to automatic bark sensors and sprays, too, there are options for everyone. If the dogs are barking inside, and your neighbor is willing, try placing an indoor bark control device. Dog bark control collars utilize many different technologies; one of them is bound to work for your situation.

For outdoor pets and unwilling neighbors, there is always the PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control, which looks like a birdhouse. Your uncooperative neighbor will never know! Another tactic is to try the Super Bark Free in audible mode. You made get annoyed, but so will your neighbor - many times, this will force them into putting more time into bark training!

Documentation - If you do end up needing to take legal action against your neighbor, it is important to have documentation of just when the dog barks and for how long. Simply saying that the dog barks all the time will not accomplish this. Keep a journal noting the times of day that the dog barks and for how long. If the dog is kept outside and is barking, you can use a camera or video recorder to make a note of when he is barking, just use care to not break any privacy laws.

Get Help - If you try talking to your neighbor about the barking dog, and they won’t listen to you or do something about it, you may need to get someone else involved. Your local law enforcement agency can give you information on noise ordinances, and your area Animal Control can also give you information. Sometimes, if the dog owner is exceptionally rude, filing a formal complaint is the only way to get through to them.

Things You Shouldn’t Do - There are some things that you should never do when dealing with a neighbor and a barking dog problem. First, never make threats. These are considered illegal and can land you in more trouble. If you are going to call the police to file a complaint, it is better to just do it. Secondly, you should never take action against the dog yourself, since this could be considered animal cruelty, which is a felony in many states. Don’t punish the dog for the owner’s unwillingness to train! Third, you should never go onto your neighbor’s property without permission. This could cause the dog to become even more aggressive and could make you liable for damages that occur.

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