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Wednesday, March 25, 2009
How To Attract Wild Birds To Your Backyard

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By Grace Chen

Many people enjoy bird watching. Wild birds are beautiful to watch and entertaining as well. However, not everyone has the time to go for a hike out in the woods or the nearest meadow to observe them. With just a backyard, you can easily attract friends of the feathered variety just by adding a few key elements to your landscaping.

  • Food - One of the most important things that wild birds need is food to eat. The type of food that you place out will influence the kinds of birds that visit. A platform feeder will attract ground feeding birds, whereas a hanging feeder will attract perching birds. Suet feeders attract birds that normally eat insects, while a hummingbird feeder attracts hummingbirds. Consider the type of birds that you want to attract, as well as those type of birds in your region, when choosing feeders. Even the type of seeds you choose can affect the birds in your backyard. Try this Birdseed Biscuit Recipe to attract most typical wild birds.

  • Shelter - You will attract more wild birds to your yard if they consider it a safe haven to rest and even raise their young. Trees and shrubs provide natural shelter for wild birds. You can also offer nesting boxes for certain birds that you would like to attractRobin on a Perch.

  • Water - Of course, it’s obvious that birds love water. Moving water is even better, since the noise will attract birds to come, drink and bathe. A pond with a fountain makes a dramatic centerpiece for your garden, and with the birds enjoying it, it will certainly become your favorite part of your backyard. If you are looking for something smaller, consider a Solar Birdbath Fountain. In this type of birdbath, the water continues to circulate without the need for cords or batteries, and won’t change your energy bill. Besides attracting feathered friends, moving water discourages mosquitoes from nesting and breeding there – always a plus in the summertime! A solar powered fountain will need an area of your yard that receives direct sunlight.

  • Foliage and Habitat - You can attract more wild birds to your yard by giving them different habitats and foliage to enjoy. Using tall grasses, small shrubs and trees, and tall trees throughout your yard will help to attract a variety of wild birds. Also look for plants that produce food items for the birds, such as fruits, seeds, or nuts. One of the best investments for your yard is an evergreen tree. Not only will this tree look great year round, but it is ideal for birds.

  • Attracting Songbirds – If what you really love is to hear the chirping and singing of the birds in your backyard, consider the Songbird Magnet Bird Caller. By playing these sounds outside, it tells your songbird friends that this is the yard they want to be in! Try a Bird Caller Whistle if you want an interactive role in attracting them directly to you. Many tools like this are available for the vocal birds that will sing “Good morning to you!”

Enjoying your Visitors

Once you have attracted wild birds to your yard you can enjoy them year round. Besides simply sitting and watching, you can take your bird watching to the next level by installing a BirdCam. These cameras are designed to be mounted outdoors and are motion-activated. You can choose to take still shots, video, or a combination of the two. You can also use it as a regular camera via a remote control. This makes it easy to get great pictures and videos of the birds that are visiting your yard, whether it is for scrapbooking or identification. You can have hours of fun watching and recording the most private moments in the lives of wild birds.

Wild birds are beautiful and entertaining, and with a little planning you can attract them to your yard and enjoy them year round.

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