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Thursday, April 02, 2009
The Spoiled Pet - Tips and Tools of the Trade

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By Grace Chen

What’s the most important step in having a pampered pet? Caring for them and keeping them healthy! Pets are great fun - dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason, and cats are just as cuddly and lovable. They are, however, a big responsibility. Part of that responsibility means taking care of your pet’s basic needs – such as going to the restroom and providing them with fresh food and water. Both of these activities require your pet to have some training in order to make it the best experience for everyone. Dogs and cats deserve the best, and there are some tricks for training and tools, as well, that can make your life, and your pet’s life, just a little easier. Spoil your pet with these tips!

When To Go Out

For dog owners, the one training that nearly everyone performs, even if they do not do anything else, is to train them to go to the bathroom outside. A few owners of smaller dogs may paper train them or even have them use a litter box, but more often than not outside is the location of choice. But training the dog to go outside can be a difficult process, particularly with a young puppy that has no bladder control.How To Pamper Your Pet

A large part of training a dog to go outside involves your recognition of when your dog has the need to go. For some dogs, the signs are easy – they become anxious, start sniffing around, turn in circles, and begin to squat. All of these signs say “take me out now!” and mean that you will be at risk for a puddle or worse. But if you are busy doing other items around the house, it can be easy to miss these. If your dog is more subtle, this task becomes much harder!

One easy way to help train your dog to go out is with a pet doorbell. The Pet Chime is a paw print-shaped pad that you place near the door your dog uses to go in and out. When you dog steps on the paw, a chime or bark is sounded, alerting you that he needs to go out. You can even purchase extra paws to place at multiple doorways. A training video is included, and you will find that your dog will have fewer accidents when he can tell you when he needs to go.

Some pets, however, don’t respond to this kind of training. For these families, the PetSafe Smart Pet Doorbell is a better option. It’s a motion sensing doorbell that picks up on the Smart Key (included with the doorbell) that you attach to your pet’s collar. When your pet loiters at the back door, anxious to get out and go, the doorbell will go off notifying you wherever you may be in the house. No training required!

Pet Feeders

Another part of the responsibility of owning a pet is insuring that the pet has fresh food and water on a regular basis. This can be difficult to do if you are gone at work for longer than normal or need to go away for a few days and leave your cat home alone. It’s best to have someone you trust, like a neighbor or friend, stop by to let the dogs out, feed the cats and give them both a little love!

For those in-between times, an automatic waterer helps to insure that your pet always has clean water, and can eliminate loss of water that occurs when a bowl is flipped over. These units are sturdy and designed so that the water dish is always full. Some even circulate the water through a filter, helping to keep it fresh and clean. An outdoor dog water fountain is a great option for pets that spend the majority of their time outdoors. The running water sound encourages pets to drink more, which is important for optimum health, and in the heat of the Spring and Summer months, being hydrated is extremely important for all pets.

An Automatic Pet Feeder can have multiple purposes. They can provide food for a cat staying home alone at regular intervals so that the food remains cool and fresh for the entire trip. They’re also perfect for pets on diets that need smaller, more frequent meals to help them stay trim. Automatic feeders have a timer than can be set at an interval that you choose. When the time goes off, the compartment opens, and the pet can enjoy his or her meal. These can be set at more frequent intervals for pets that need to eat frequently, or spaced out to make sure food lasts. Many can be used with both wet and dry food.

Many pet owners also find that if their pet needs to go on a diet, keeping them away from the food dish is a challenge in itself. Automatic pet feeders and waterers help to eliminate these problems. Pamper your pet, and help keep them healthy. They’ll live longer and love you more because of it!

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