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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Why Buy American Toys and Child Care Products?

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By Grace Chen

When it comes to toys, the news lately has not been good. There have been numerous recalls because of lead exposure and other hazards. Often, these toys were not even produced here in the United States. Take a look at the bottom you are sure to find that most have a stamp saying “Made in China.”

With many jobs being sent overseas as it is, you may not consider this to be a big deal. So just what is the importance of buying American made toys?

Buy American Made Products

Safer Toys

Another reason to consider buying American made toys is that they are often safer. If the thought of having lead in the toys isn’t enough to scare you, then how about tiny parts that break off and present sharp edges or choking hazards? American made toys are required to pass current safety laws and inspections, while foreign made toys offer no such guarantee. There are a few great American manufacturers of children’s products-

  1. Try phthalate free Kindermat nap mats from Peerless Plastics

  2. Classic educational toys from Anatex

  3. Soft play climbers, play mats and more from Children’s Factory

Try alternate search engines like MadeinUSA.org to find other products produced here in America.

Stronger Economy

These days, the unemployment rate seems ever dwindling. Even worse, the minimum wage is not enough to support most families. Yet companies continue to send jobs overseas so that they can fatten their bottom line by cutting labor costs. Corporate CEOs continue to make their salaries, but the cost to the consumer is not generally reduced. And the long term effects of sending jobs overseas can be devastating.

American Jobs:

  • Contribute tax dollars to help support crucial health care and education systems and support programs in the community.

  • Provide jobs for countless Americans, reducing the unemployment rate.

  • Help make sure that our children still have jobs available for them as they reach adulthood.

What You Can Do

If you want to buy your children American made toys, you may find yourself facing a bit of a challenge. Therefore, you need to make sure that businesses understand that you want to buy American. Things that you can do include:

  • File complaints at major retailers about the lack of availability of American made toys and child care products. Big companies know that if they want to stay in business that they have to listen to their customers, and enough complaints will start to turn heads.

  • Boycott stores and companies that do not sell American made toys. Whenever you can, support the companies that are based in America and avoid the ones that don’t. When it affects their bottom line, corporations will listen.

  • Tell the politicians. Your elected officials are responsible for creating the laws that will make buying American more appealing to companies. Start a petition, write a congressmen, create a picket line. The louder your community can make the message, the clearer it will be heard.

Buying American helps to create economic security for the country and for our children. It allows our children to have safer, higher-quality toys. Let the companies and the politicians know that you are no longer willing to settle for second-rate toys mass produced in foreign countries. If enough people take a stand, someone will listen.

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