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PET-AGREE Ultrasonic Pet Training Device
Item # PA-01

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Price Each:  $25.95
  Retail Price:$39.00


The PET-Agree is a hand held device to assist in the training and conditioning of your pet dog or cat. The Pet-Agree emits a harmless, humane high frequency sound clearly audible to dogs and cats but barely perceptible to humans. This sounds helps emphasize verbal commands to improve a pet's response, or can be used as a stimulus alone to initiate a conditioned response. It can also be used as an interrupter to improper behavior. The Pet Agree alone WILL NOT induce proper behavior. It works best when used in conjunction with proper, proven and effective training techniques.
Using the Pet Agree Ultrasonic Pet Trainer:

1.) Point the Pet-Agree toward the pet from a distance of 5 to 20 feet away
2.) Press the button for 1 to 2 seconds while giving the desired verbal command
3.) Repeat as necessary until the pet responds to the command as desired

**Warning: Deaf pets cannot hear this device, and will not respond to it.

Tips for working with the Pet Agree Trainer-
  • Always use positive reinforcement techniques when training with the PET-AGREE.
  • Best results are obtained when the PET-AGREE is pointed in the direction of the pet being trained.
  • Some pets respond instantly, while others may require more time. Be consistent and repetitive.
  • As a pet’s response to commands improves the PET-AGREE may be required less frequently.
  • Effectiveness may vary due to each pet’s age, temperament, and hearing ability. Deaf pets will not respond.
Uses of the Pet Agree Ultrasonic Pet Trainer:

Training: The PET-AGREE can help emphasize verbal commands to sit, heel, stay, come, quiet, stay down or any other trained response for your pet. PET-AGREE may also be used as the signal for a trained response such as calling back your dog from a long distance.

Behavior Modification: The PET-AGREE can reinforce corrective commands to keep a pet off the furniture, stop jumping up on people, stop excessive barking or caterwauling, stay out an area or stop clawing, biting, scratching and chewing.

Protection: The PET-AGREE can also be used to keep stray or unleashed dogs from approaching.
If you have any questions, please consult the PetAgree Instruction Manual.

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Pets Agree with the Pet Agree Ultrasonic Trainer! 

Are you getting tired of using a primitive rolled-up newspaper to train your pet?  You feel more like you are beating up on an innocent animal than properly training them like any responsible pet-owner should.  If you want to train your pets safely, the PET-AGREE Ultrasonic Training Device is the ideal strategy.  This dog training device employs advanced technology and unique design, which makes training your pet easier, more humane, and best yet, more effective.

PET-AGREE uses only the best in electronic pet training to more efficiently teach your animal. A simple push of a button emits an ultrasonic noise that gathers a pet’s full attention, making your commands more dominating.  The sound is loud enough for a dog or a cat to hear, but is virtually unnoticeable to human ears. You will not have to strain your voice yelling commands to an ornery dog or snooty cat.

With your commands demanding more presence with the use of the ultrasonic pet trainer, you will find that training your pet goes by much quicker.  A simple command that may have taken weeks for a pet to master can now be learned in a few short hours. The PET-AGREE really drives the point home, and pretty soon, your pet will be well-trained and better capable for living a happier life - all for much less than the cost of professional training. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Pet Agree Ultrasonic Pet Trainer:

Can I hear the Pet-Agree? No, this ultrasonic dog trainer is not audible to humans. Dogs and cats can hear it quite easily.

Will the Pet Agree Trainer hurt my dog? No, pets are simply startled and annoyed by the ultrasonic sound emitted by the Pet-Agree. No physical harm will come to your pet.

What is the Pet Agree's range? The Pet Agree trainer works best between 5 and 15 feet.

How can I tell if the Pet Agree is working? We recommend testing the device. See instructions in the next question.

Can I test the Pet Agree pet training device? Yes! When pressing the button on the Pet-Agree, a red LED light will burn bright and constant while the button is depressed, indicating that the pet trainer works. If the LED does not light, replace the battery.

What battery does the Pet Agree run on? How long will it last? The Pet Agree Ultrasonic Trainer requires a 9 volt battery (included). It will last (on average) for 1,000 one (1) second activations, usually for about a year or so.

Will the Pet Agree deter an unfriendly or aggressive dog? Yes, simply point the Pet -Agree Ultrasonic Pet Trainer towards the animal and activate for 2 to 3 seconds. It works best if pointed directly at the animal.

Can the Pet Agree Ultrasonic Dog Trainer stop my/my neighbor's dog from barking? Yes - with repeat usage and verbal or hand commands most dogs learn to stop barking. Please remember that this is a training device, and that it will only work properly with repeat use and training techniques.

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