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ScareCrow (Motion Activated Sprinkler)

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CRO102 Individual Unit $59.79
CROBRACKET Mounting Bracket $19.99
CRO-SK Two Unit Starter Kit $138.49

Please Note: The ScareCrow (Motion Activated Sprinkler) is currently out of stock from the manufacturer for an extended period of time. You may place your order now and we will not charge you until your order has shipped.

Keep animals away from your pond or garden with a harmless blast of water.

Protect your yard, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and water features from hungry or destructive animal intruders. The ScareCrow motion-activated sprinkler automatically detects deer, raccoons, heron, dogs and more as they approach, and repels them with a short, but startling burst of water. The sudden noise, movement and spray scares animals away, teaching them to avoid the area in future. Use the ScareCrow to repel deer, repel rabbits, repel raccoons, repel sea lions, repel birds such as vultures, or even repel would be intruders!

Also available is the ScareCrow Two Unit Starter Kit which includes: Two (2) ScareCrow Sprinkler systems and two (2) ScareCrow mounting brackets.

When it sees an intruder, the ScareCrow instantly sprays the trespasser with water under full garden hose pressure. The effect is both startling and immediate. Animals quickly get out of the area and avoid the area around the ScareCrow in the future.

For installing the ScareCrow on fences, posts or walls, use the optional ScareCrow mounting bracket (sold separately).

» Watch the Video - The ScareCrow in Action!

  • Eco-friendly and chemical free
  • Uses 2-3 cups of water per deterrence
  • Detects animals in a 1,000 square foot area day and night
  • Easy to install, move and store
  • A humane solution to unwanted intruders
  • Runs for months and "fires" up to 5,000 times on one 9 volt battery (not included)

The Contech ScareCrow is also known as the Scare Crow, the HydroBlaster ScareCrow, and the Hydro Blaster Scarecrow, and can be found under the following product codes:

Individual Units: CRO-101, CTCRO102
Starter Kits: CRO-999, CTCRO999

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It is an all too familiar scenario: It is late at night. You are fast asleep, but there is activity stirring in your garden. A hungry deer has wandered in and is now feasting on your hard-earned harvest. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to protect your garden or lawn, without the use of unsightly fences or dangerous methods that may harm your family or the deer? With the Scarecrow motion activated sprinkler, there is now a safe, convenient, unobtrusive way to protect your property. The perfect bird to scare away birds!

The Scarecrow sprinkler is an attractive, motion-activated sprinkler that keeps animals away by squirting them with a short blast of water. This pest repeller is effective on a number of levels, as the pests and garden rodents remain unharmed.  The unwanted pests are trained into thinking that this area is dangerous, ensuring that they will no longer traipse through your lawn. The Scarecrow is sensitive enough to detect smaller invaders like cats and raccoons, but heavy-duty enough to ward off larger intruders, like dogs and deer.

When you purchase a Scarecrow motion sprinkler, you are not only protecting your garden, lawn, trash receptacle or crops, but you will also be part of a humane and safe solution to the nuisance of unwanted pests. It provides the peace of mind and security that will help you sleep at night.

Why The Contech Scarecrow Works: The ScareCrow motion activated sprinkler consistently creates a memorable and unpleasant experience through a combination of:

  • Sudden, unexpected noise
  • Unexpected movement
  • Water spray

The animal immediately associates this unpleasant experience with the location. To avoid similar surprises, they begin to avoid the area in which the ScareCrow resides. While humans flee several steps after activating a ScareCrow motion activated sprinkler, animals are scared to a much greater degree, run much further and stay away longer.

We attribute this difference in part to the inherent fight or flight survival response found in most animals and their lack of intelligence or ability to "figure out" what caused the annoying noise and motion.

Other reasons why the ScareCrow motion activated sprinkler works:

  • Repelling is consistent at the location, 24 hours a day.
  • It is the environment rather than a person or other animal doing the "conditioning".
  • The water spray is sufficiently surprising and unpleasant to communicate an immediate "leave now" message.

The ScareCrow protects any open area of the garden or yard that receives the unwanted attention of animals. The sprinkler directs water accurately up to 35 feet (8.5 meters) outward in an arc, protecting a 1000 sq. ft. (90 square meter) area.

The sensor will easily sense large animals at a greater distance than the same sensitivity setting will sense a small animal like a cat. For example, set at a sensitivity rating of 8, the ScareCrow will "see" a deer at 35 feet (8.5 meters) but not a cat. At the same sensitivity, the cat would be seen at just 15 feet (4.6 meters). To scare away birds, you would need to adjust it as needed.

The ScareCrow Automatic Outdoor Animal Deterrent is also known as item number: CRO-101

Product Highlights:

Water based:Safely and effectively repels animals without chemicals, visually objectionable barriers, or shock.
Passive infrared detector:Operates unattended and "sprays" when movement is detected. (Day and Night)
Operates 24/7:ScareCrow protects day and night for up to 6 months (or 3,000+ activations) on one 9 volt battery (sold separately).
Becomes a water "barrier":Can be used in neighborhoods where fences are not allowed.
Conserves water:Only uses 2-3 cups of water per deterrence and can usually be used in communities engaged in restricted lawn watering practices.
Water flow through stake:Easy to extend coverage with additional ScareCrows.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Contech Scarecrow Animal Repellent:

How long will the ScareCrow operate before needing a new battery? Results vary from a few weeks to a year depending upon how often people, pets or the wind trigger the unit. The average seems to be between four and six months. The ScareCrow will typically fire approximately 3000 times from a single battery.

How much water pressure is needed? 30 to 80 P.S.I. If your water pressure is greater than 80P.S.I., Contech recommends installing a pressure reducer (available at hardware and irrigation supply stores) at the hose bib.

Does the ScareCrow work at night? Yes. The ScareCrow works during the day and at night because it uses an infrared sensor.

Can I adjust the sensitivity of the ScareCrow? Yes, you can adjust the sensitivity with the simple twist of a knob.

Can I switch the ScareCrow off? Yes. There are two ways to switch off the ScareCrow: either set the sensitivity knob to zero, or shut off the water supply. Please note that if you shut the water off, the unit will still sense and activate, but will not spray water. For a heavy traffic area, turning the sensitivity knob to zero is the best option.

Can the ScareCrow be used in the winter? No. Bring it in when there is risk of freezing. Freezing water may damage the valve in the ScareCrow.

I'm not sure I like the look of the ScareCrow. Can I get it in plain black? Yes, the ScareCrow is delivered with the decals packaged separately – you may choose to apply the 'beak and eyes' design, or leave them off.

Can I hook the ScareCrow up to my in-ground irrigation system? No, the ScareCrow needs line pressure at all times. An irrigation system pipeline only pressurizes when the system is sprinkling your lawn. You can however, set up a separate in-ground irrigation feed system to your ScareCrow that is on all the time. As PVC pipe is not as flexible as a garden hose and therefore less able to absorb the pressure flux of a ScareCrow activation, Contech recommends installing a hammer arrester at the point where the ScareCrow is affixed to the in ground plumbing.

Which product works better for deterring cats: the ScareCrow or CatStop? While both products effectively deter cats, the CatStop can be used places where the ScareCrow is unsuitable (anywhere that spraying water would be unacceptable, or where a water source is not easily available). For example, the CatStop is a perfect solution for keeping cats out of carports and garden beds near public walkways. The ScareCrow has a larger sensing range and is an excellent device for keeping cats off lawns, and away from ponds and gardens.

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