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Bark Stop Professional
Item # BC06G

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This item is no longer available. Please review some of the other bark control options that we offer.

  • Audible and ultrasonic frequency settings
  • Audible test button
  • Sound detector features adjustable sensitivity
  • Includes easy mounting system for a wall or fence
  • Indoor use
  • "Bark pick-up" feature responds to barks up to 35 feet from unit
  • 50 foot power extension cord included
  • LED status indicators can only be seen from behind of or on top of product
  • Weather resistant (Not recommended for use during severe weather)
  • One year manufacturer warranty

If you have any questions, please see the Viatek Bark Stop Professional Instruction Manual.

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How do I train my dog to stop barking?

The Bark Stop Professional has a special sound selector that lets you choose two different frequencies: ultrasonic frequency or audible frequency. In ultrasonic frequency mode, the device can only be heard by dogs, not humans. The Bark Stop Professional uses the principle called "Negative Reinforcement," using sound to help train dogs.

Barking dogs will be a thing of the past with the Dual Output Speaker. The Bark Stop Professional works up to 35 feet and is weather resistant. Now you can stifle your dog's and neighbor's dog's barking!

Tired of being startled from your peaceful sleep by your dog barking at the neighboring cat at 3 am? Does your neighbor’s dog barking impede your home office from making professional business calls?

There is a new, innovative anti-barking device that is capable of stopping your dog or your neighbor’s dog from constantly barking. We all know how frustrating it feels to constantly be interrupted while you are trying to talk on the phone, work-at-home, or to sleep while a dog continuously barks. However, with Bark Stop Professional, you can finally get the peace you deserve in your home.

The Bark Stop Professional is an effective and humane way to deter a noisy dog from barking profusely. This dog barking deterrent is a revolutionary, new system designed to automatically detect when a dog is barking up to thirty five feet away. The Bark Stop Professional will emit a high-pitched noise that is only audible to a canine audience.

The Bark Stop tone does not harm or cause pain to a dog; instead, the bark control device annoys the dog and causes the dog to stop needlessly barking. The inventors of the Bark Stop Professional follow the principle of “Negative Reinforcement” to administer dog bark training. The Bark Stop system can be used with any type and size of dog, whether it is your own or your neighbor’s.

The Bark Stop Professional is easily installed by simply placing the device into the mounting bracket, pointing the Bark Stop in the direction of the barking dog. The Bark Stop system is the best way to cure a dog’s barking, behavioral problems. Train a new puppy or even an older dog. The Bark Stop Professional is the key to humanly stopping a dog from constantly, noisily barking.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Viatek Bark Stop Professional:

How does the Bark Stop Pro work? Like most ultrasonic anti-bark devices, the Bark Stop Professional is a training device that teaches your (or your neighbor's!) dog to stop barking. The unit has a powerful speaker that picks up the sound of barking up 35 feet away. It then emits an ultrasonic noise that most dogs find annoying/startling. Because every bark is followed by a sound that annoys them, eventually they learn not to bark.

How long will it take the dog to stop barking with the Bark Stop Professional? Because this is a training device, results will not happen immediately. Most dogs learn within 2-3 weeks of product usage.

Can I use the Bark Stop Professional outside? Yes, this ultrasonic anti-barking device has a durable weather-resistant design.

Can I use the Bark Stop Professional inside? Yes! This is the only unit we offer that works both indoors and outdoors.

Where should I place the Bark Stop Professional? The Bark Stop is put to best use when in the area that the dog barks the most.

How is the Bark Stop Professional different that the Super Bark Stop? The units are designed specifically to cater to different customer needs. The Super Bark Stop is only for use outdoors, operates on batteries and emits a higher dB sound. Bark Stop Professional works inside and outside, and runs on an (included) AC power adapter/50 foot extension cord.

Is it normal to hear clicks from the Bark Stop Professional while it's in ultrasonic mode? Yes, the clicking should be the only thing you can hear while the unit is in ultrasonic mode. This lets you know that it has activated.

Will the Bark Stop Professional hurt my dog? No, the ultrasonic sounds don't harm your pet in anyway. At most, they are startling or annoying to the offending barker, teaching them to stop barking in order to stop the sound. It is a completely human device.

Is this device good for training more than one dog? The manufacturer states that "If the dogs are in the same area, the Bark Stop Professional will assist in the training of numerous dogs. If you have more then one dog in different locations, we recommend utilizing more then one device for maximum efficiency." However, here at GoodDeals.com we have had customer complaints in this area and don't recommend it for those types of situations.

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