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Super Bird-XPeller Pro

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SBXP-Pro1 Super Bird-Xpeller Pro 1- pigeons, starlings, sparrows and gulls $582.78
SBXP-Pro2 Super Bird-Xpeller Pro 2- crows, blackbirds, grackles, cormorants and ravens $582.78
SBXP-ProWP Super Bird-Xpeller Pro Woodpeckers $582.78
SBX-ES Replacement Speaker $79.99
SBX-ES4 Replacement Speakers (Set of 4) $259.99

(Please see below for details)


  • System includes 4 independent speakers
  • Each speaker comes with 100 ft. of wire
  • Uses naturally recorded bird distress signals, bird alarm calls, and natural predator cries
  • Runs on 110vAC power or a 12vDC deep cycle marine battery
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Adjustable volume
  • Programmable Sound Delays
  • Modifiable hours of operation
  • Covers up to 6 acres
  • Replacement speakers available (Sold Separately)
Choose from:
  • SBXP-Pro1 to rid your property of pigeons, starlings, sparrows and gulls
  • SBXP-Pro2 for to get rid of crows, blackbirds, grackles, cormorants and ravens
  • SBXP-Pro3 to get rid of woodpeckers

Dimensions - 9" x 9" x 5.25"

If you have questions, please consult the Super Bird-XPeller Pro Instruction Manual.

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Super BirdXPeller PRO sonic bird repeller drives pest birds away.

Covering up to six acres, the Super BirdXPeller Pro from Bird X is known for being an amazing electronic pest control device. Birds will be treated to their own distress sound when they fly into your territory, frightening them away without doing any actual harm to them. The Super Bird X-Peller Pro is the perfect choice for defending crops or homesteads safely and humanely from feathered annoyances.

This electronic bird control features a powerful speaker system that will transmit natural sounds over six acres, effectively protecting your land from birds. There are several versions of the Super Bird X Peller Pro that can be set to species-specific birds, effectively driving away the precise pests that are bothering you. The SBX-Pro 1 is set for pigeons, gulls, sparrows, and starlings.  The SBX-Pro 2 can be programmed for ravens, cormorants, grackles, blackbirds, and crows. There is even a version of this product that will aid as a woodpecker repellant and keep those wood structures safe! The SBX-Pro WP is specifically created to tackle the problem of woodpeckers. Even businesses can benefit from this woodpecker repellent by keeping those pesky peckers away from your commercial properties. This woodpecker deterrent will save you from thousands of dollars in damages! Each of one of these systems can be managed to give off predatory noises as well, frightening all kinds of bird.

This electronic bird guard runs on 110vAC power or a 12vDC deep cycle marine battery. If you install the battery, there is even a solar panel that can be attached, making this one of the most environmentally friendly bird control devices on the market today. This sonic bird repeller comes with four speakers for the defense of your property and home. It is the best choice for the professional with a pest problem.

The replacement speakers (Sold Separately) for the Super Bird X Peller Pro are made to be replacement speakers only and not for extension of coverage. Sets of four (4) Replacement Speakers are also available. Each speaker includes 100 feet of wire.

NOTE: Product accessories are only available for Free Shipping with the purchase of the Super Bird-XPeller Pro. Free shipping is only available for a limited time and within the continental United States for ground shipping. Hawaii and Alaska customers may incur additional shipping charges and will be notified before the order is processed. Please contact us for a custom shipping quote.

Most bird repellers at GoodDeals.com were crafted by Bird-X. For over 45 years, Bird X has been creating the highest quality, humane and environmentally safe solutions for bird control and pest control issues. Repel birds where ever they roost with the latest technology. Perfect for car dealerships, docks, commercial buildings, and even your home! Deter pesky birds today with a sound repeller or ultrasonic bird deterrent!




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