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Animal Away
Item # P7810

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Price Each:  $44.40
  Retail Price:$49.99


  • Infrared motion activation
  • Mounts on walls or fences, even wooded stakes
  • Blends in with landscapes
  • Durable green PVC housing
  • Inaudible to humans
  • Cordless operation
  • Coverage: Arc of 70 degrees, distance 33 feet
  • Motion detector range: Up to 45 feet
  • 9 volt battery (not included)
Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5" x 3.5"

For further information, please consult the Animal Away instruction manual.

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Keep the hounds at bay!

The Animal Away is an ultrasonic animal control device that utilizes high-pitched frequencies to deter animals (cats, dogs, raccoons, etc.) from invading your space. Inaudible to humans, animals find the signal uncomfortable and move to a more peaceful neighborhood. The Animal Away works on batteries and can be used indoors or outdoors. It saves batteries by utilizing a motion detector that activates the powerful 23,000 Hz signal only when an animal approaches within range.

The Animal Away is also a dog repellent that offers a humane and innovative way to deter unwanted or unfriendly canines. Most animal control devices cannot offer such peace of mind in that neither you nor the animal will be harmed.

Tired of trying to outsmart the neighborhood raccoon?  Irritated by the stray cats that treat your immaculate garden as their outhouse? You no longer have to suffer from the stress that uninvited animal visitors cause on your property with Animal Away!

Animal Away is one of the strongest and most powerful devices to deter any unwelcome animals from your yard or garden. This outdoor pest control device is an extremely convenient and effective way to stop unwelcome animals without harming them physically.

Using a sophisticated detecting system with infrared technology, this innovative outdoor pest control devices saves energy, while humanely keeping pests away from your property up to twelve meters. When an animal triggers the motion sensor that protects your yard, the Animal Away ultrasonic device will send out intensive sound waves of a frequency that is only audible to the intruding animal. The sound wave will deter the animal from entering further into the protected area, teaching them that your yard is an “unfriendly” area.

The Animal Away device has a built-in LED indicator that is designed to display when the device is sending sound waves out to deter animals. There is a built-in special button that allows you to test the device, ensuring proper operation. If wandering, stray animals are a problem, use Animal Away to rid your yard of uninvited pests.

Frequently Asked Questions About Animal Away:

How does the Animal Away electronic pest repeller work? When unwanted pests wander into your yard, the electronic motion sensor will be set off. The Animal Away will then emit an ultrasonic, high pitched frequency sound (23,000Hz) which scares the unwanted pests away.

Will I be able to hear the Animal Away? No, the sound emitted by the outdoor pest control unit is far outside the range of human hearing.

Will the Animal Away hurt my pet? No, the ultrasonic deterring sound, while annoying to pests, is not harmful. That being said, your pets will not like it. Be sure to place the unit towards the pest issue and not your pet to ensure a happy household.

What animals will the Animal Away deter? The Animal Away has been shown to work against a variety of unwanted creatures, including neighborhood cats and dogs, as well as raccoons and other garden pests.

Will it work inside? Outside? Yes, the Animal Away pest repeller works both inside and outside and is weather resistant.

What is the range of the ultrasonic deterrent? The Animal Away works within an arc range of 70 degrees, at a distance of up to 33 feet, which is approximately 550 feet squared.

Does it require batteries? Yes, a 9 volt battery (sold separately) is needed, and can be found on GoodDeals.com.

Are there any chemicals involved? No, the Animal Away is an electronic pest repeller, so no chemicals are required that may harm you, your pet, or the environment.

Is there a warranty? Yes. In addition to GoodDeals.com's 30-day money back guarantee, the manufacturer offers a 6 month limited warranty.

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