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DNA Breed Identification Kit
Item # WP-DNA

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Price Each:  $69.99
  Retail Price:$79.99



  • Do-it-yourself kit
  • Simply swab, seal, and send
  • Discover the breeds present in your mixed-breed dog through DNA
  • Covers up to 185+ of most United States dog breeds
  • Results in about 2 weeks
  • Get a better understanding of your dog’s behavior, potential health risks and personality
  • Get a permanent record of your dog’s DNA
  • Simple and harmless collection technique that can be done at home

For further information, please consul the Wisdom Panel Insights Mixed Breed DNA Identification Kit Instruction Manual.

Please note: Your result should be sent to Wisdom Panel's labs. Any issues or matters concerning the DNA methods, processes, results, or questions should be referred to MARS Pets. This item is not accepted for return unless in original, UNOPENED condition.

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Insights DNA Breed Identification Kit by Wisdom Panel

The image and stature of a dog does not necessarily express the breed of the dog. Determining the breeds that makeup your dog can be hard to determine by looks or behavior alone. The good news is that now you can determine your dog's breed from home! The Insights DNA Breed Identification Kit by Wisdom Panel allows you to easily test your dog from home, send the sample to the lab, and you'll have your results in just two weeks!

Help target behavior training; plan exercises and play activities; and customize your pet's diet and nutrition, based on the breeds present in their DNA.

Discover the breeds that are present in your dog through their DNA. Have a better understanding of your dog's behavior, their health risks, their looks, and even their personality. The DNA of your dog will govern their appearance along with any behavioral characteristics. This DNA Breed Identification Kit allows you to collect samples from your dog using a cheek swab  to be processed at Mars Veterinary's labs that use advance technologies to identify the ancestry of any dog! Obtaining a cheek swab is the easiest method of gaining the sample that is needed for testing. Once the testing site has received the sample, they will prepare and analyze the test and will result in a fast and accurate determination of the breeds that have contributed to the makeup of your puppy or dog!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Mars Veterinary's Wisdom Panel Insights DNA Identification Kit:

When I purchase the kit is there an additional processing fee?
No, there is no extra processing fee. Once you have mailed in your sample and the results are available, Mars' labs will send you a Ancestry Analysis Report via postal mail with the results. You will also receive a Behavior, Health and Personality Summary which will give you general information pertaining to each of the breeds found.

Will this DNA Identification Kit determine if my dog is purebred?
No it will not. The Insights DNA Breed Identification test is made for the sole purpose of identifying breeds found within the genetic makeup of mixed breed dogs only. The test can only identify breeds that are located within Mars' database which are present in the dog. If only one breed of dog is detected, it could be the result of there are breeds present that are not in Mars' database, or that there is DNA present from another breed, but in amounts too small to be detected.

Can the DNA be collected by me or do I need a professional?
The DNA can easily be collected by yourself. The collection process is simple and can be performed at home by following the included instructions.

Will the DNA collection process from the DNA kit hurt my pet?
The DNA collection is painless and humane for dog.

Where do I send the collected swab sample?
Once you have collected your dog's DNA sample, simply put the swab back in the paper sleeve, and place it, along with the Customer Information Card, in the enclosed prepaid envelope and send it back to Mars Veterinary's Labs.

When will the DNA results be ready?
It approximately takes 3-7 days for Wisdom Panel's labs to receive the DNA sample through the US Postal Service. The DNA results are typically mailed within 2 weeks from the receipt of the DNA swab.

What is an Ancestry Report?
The Ancestry Analysis Report will inform you of the breeds that make up your dog in decreasing order. The most prevalent dog breed is listed first, and the least prevalent being last.

What if there are breeds in my dog's DNA that are not in Mars Veterinary's database?
MARS Pets believes that nearly 92% of the mixed breed population is covered by validated breeds; although, if there is DNA detected from a breed that is not in their database, it will be assigned to the most closely related breed, or to breeds further back in your dog’s ancestry.

Why is pit bull not on the Wisdom Panel list?
The EDP Validated Breeds are based on breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club® (AKC). The term “pit bull” has come to describe several types of dogs that share similar physical characteristics. There are several AKC breeds with characteristics often shared by dogs referred to as “pit bull” that are in our database, such as the Boxer, Bulldog, Bull Terrier and Mastiff, so these breeds could be identified.

Is there a way to locate what breeds are available on Mars Veterinary's DNA database?
The EDP Validated Breeds are listed on their website at the Wisdom Panel website. Their databases are updated very frequently.

How accurate is the DNA Identification Kit test?
It is understood that no analytical test is 100% accurate. If a breed is present in your dog that is in Wisdom Panel's database of 185+ validated breeds, it should be detected; however, if DNA is found from a breed that is not within their database, it will be assigned to the most closely related breed, or to breeds that are further back in your dog’s ancestry.

Will the test determine the percentages of which breeds make up my dog's DNA?
Results are reported in Levels, which indicate a percentage range. These are:

Level 1: Over 75% of the DNA found in your dog is from the breed listed.

Level 2: Each breed listed represents between 37-74% of your dog’s DNA

Level 3: Each breed listed represents between 20-36% of your dog’s DNA

Level 4: Each breed listed represents between 10-19% of your dog’s DNA

Level 5: Each breed listed represents less than 10% of your dog’s DNA.

Similar items that GoodDeals originally offered was the PetSafe DNA Test Kit, known as item number PID00-13285. And the Bio Pet DNA Kit, known as DNA-TEST.

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