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Dazer Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent
Item # DZA-01

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Price Each:  $25.95
  Retail Price:$39.00


To Operate The Dog Dazer II:

1.) Point the Dazer at the approaching animal
2.) Press the button to activate the Dazer for 1 to 2 seconds
3.) Repeat as necessary to repel or stop the animal

For best results, point the silver disc front of the Dazer towards the animal. Output is directional, therefore effectiveness is reduced when used at an angle. It's often more effective to use 1 to 2 second repeated bursts of noise rather than constant activation. Most effective at 5 to 15 feet.

**Warning: The Dazer does not work on deaf animals.

The Dazer ii Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent is a hand held ultrasonic dog repeller useful for anyone who wants to avoid contact with dogs. The Dazer is a humane alternative to sprays and other methods to avoid dog bites. It requires a 9 volt battery (included).

It emits a high frequency sounds heard by dogs and cats, but is harmless and barely perceptible by humans. The Dazer's ultrasonic output startles the approaching dog, causing most dogs to stop, move away or stay in place allowing the user to avoid contact with the animal.

The Dog Dazer II is most effective on unfamiliar and/or aggressive animals. Use of the Dazer with familiar and passive friendly dogs or your own pet may not invoke a significant reaction. Effectiveness of the Dazer is based on emission of sound and many factors can determine its performance. The distance from the dog, age, temperament and training of the animal can all effect the reaction of the dog in question.

If you have any additional questions, please consult the Dazer Instruction Manual.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Dog Dazer II:

How much area does this dog deterrent cover? The Dazer Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent covers a maximum range of 25 feet. However, the most effective range for use of this hand held dog deterrent is between 5-15 feet.

Can I hear the Dazer? No, the sound is below the range of human hearing. However, dogs and cats can clearly hear it.

Can I use the Dazer II as a training device for my own dog? Yes. For situations that involve training and conditioning, like stopping dog barking, keeping pets off furniture and reinforcing commands, the Dazer is ideal. The Dazer should be combined with verbal or hand commands as reinforcement  or to interrupt bad behavior. For best results, use is the most effective range of 5 to 15 feet.

NOTE: Upon first use, your dog may retreat from the area entirely. This reaction is not unusual, nor is the sounds physically harming to your pet.

Will the Dazer work through glass/wall/fence? No, the sounds cannot travel through glass, a wall or door, or a solid wood fence. It can pass through a chain link fence, or a wooden fence with opening between the slats.

Will the Dazer harm the dog? The answer is no. The Dazer dog deterrent emits a high frequency ultrasonic sound that only a canine can detect. This ultrasonic sound emitted from the Dazer Ultrasonic device is merely just an annoyance for the dog, causing it stray from the sound as much as possible.

Will this ultrasonic dog repellent fit in my hand? Yes, the Dazer Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent is constructed to be a hand held unit making it more portable than those devices that are permanent. This ultrasonic dog deterrent is geared more towards those who wish to keep their personal space free from strange dogs during times of walking/jogging, working (paper routes, mail caring, etc.) and when in unknown locations where an unwanted dog may be present.

Do I have to push a button for Dazer to function? Yes, as dog deterrent device is a manual operated ultrasonic dog deterrent and is not automatic as some of our other ‘pest control’ products may be.

How can I tell if the Dazer is working? Try testing it, as illustrated below.

Can I test the Dog Dazer? It's actually quite easy. When pressing the button on the Dazer, a red LED light will burn bright and constant while the button is depressed, indicating the Dazer's functionality. If the LED does not light, replace the battery.

Does the Dazer II require a battery? Yes, this ultrasonic dog repellent requires a 9 volt battery (included) to function. This battery will last for about 1,000 1 (one) second activations on average.

Can I get the instructions for the Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent in another language? Yes. We've answered many of the common questions here, but you can always see the instruction manual, below.

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