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Super Bark Stop
Item # BC16G

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  Retail Price:$89.99


This item is no longer available. Please review some of the other bark control options that we offer.

  • Superior High Power Speaker; highest in industry at 130dB
  • Optional Audible and/or Ultrasonic frequency settings
  • Integrated microphone sensitive up to 50 feet
  • Built-in audible test button
  • Volume Control Switch
  • Sensitivity Level Switch
  • Outdoor use ONLY
  • Battery Operated 4 D batteries (sold separately)
  • Control panel cover on side to prevent water leakage
  • Activation/Power LED lights on top on unit (not front)
  • Easy to install wall mount bracket
  • Recessed speaker to eliminate the use of the cone, which can be difficult to install
  • Additional adjustable dog bark setting. 1, 2, 3, or 4 barks
  • One year manufacturer warranty

If you have any questions, please see the Viatek Super Bark Stop Instruction Manual.

Please Note: The Super Bark Stop is best used in a one on one situation and is less effective when used for bark control with multiple simultaneously barking dogs.

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Viatek - Super Bark Stop Bark Control Device

Stop suffering from incessant dog barking, which awake you at all hours of the night! According to the University of Chicago Medical Center, people who suffer from interrupted sleep – even only three days worth – suffer severe health impacts, such as the reduction of blood sugar regulation by 25%.

If your dog, or your irresponsible neighbor’s dog, has a constant barking obedience problem, then the Super Bark Stop is the right stop dog barking device for you. Barking dogs are a nuisance to your sleep, health, and the neighborhood - and this anti barking device is a great tool to help lessen the problem. With the Viatek Super Bark Stop, you can easily train a dog not to bark.

Outdoor bark control is never easy when there are countless triggers that lead to incessant dog barking. Sirens, other dogs, and even the mail package truck can cause a dog to bark non-stop. The Super Bark Stop humanely stops the problem without harming the dog. Using this intelligent device helps to control dogs to stop barking.

Training a dog not to bark is not easy without proper guidance! The instruction manual accompanying the bark control device will explain how to stop your dog from barking, or even the neighbor's dog from barking, with a few simple steps and an easy set-up process. The included tips and the tips on our website will help you when you beginning to teach a dog not to bark. Over this training period, you will easily master the skills necessary to stop that barking!

The ultrasonic barking deterrent will ensure peace for your ears at last, while going totally unnoticed by you, your family and the neighbors. This effective dog barking control tool will teach Fido not to bark constantly, utilizing an irritating ultrasonic noise only the dog can hear. In addition, this animal control device will detect the sound of a dog barking and activate its ultra high-pitched sound to deter the dog from barking. Super Bark Stop will stop the dog from barking before its pesky noise can stop you from enjoying your day or night!

**All Super Bark Stops come in a light grey color

Frequently Asked Questions About The Viatek Super Bark Stop:

Where should I place my Super Bark Stop? This ultrasonic bark control device works best when placed as close to the dog as possible, no higher than 6 feet off the ground, and aimed in the area of the barking dog. This stop dog barking device can be angled to achieve maximum efficiency.

Will the Super Bark Stop hurt my dog? No. While the ultrasonic sound is annoying to your pet, it WILL NOT HARM him or her. That being said, if your pet reacts badly to the device use your own discretion. Just like every human is different, pets can have differences. Do what is best for your situation.

Can I use the Super Bark Stop outside? Yes, this anti-barking device is specifically meant for use outdoors. It can withstand most normal weather conditions, including mild rain and snow. If you need something that works inside, try the Bark Stop Professional..

How long will it take the dog to stop barking with the Super Bark Stop? Because this is a training device, results will not happen immediately and may vary. Most dogs learn within 2-3 weeks of product usage; however, this unit can take up to 30 days to fully train stubborn dogs.

Can I use the Super Bark Stop inside? No. Using the unit indoors increases the level of sound to a potentially uncomfortable level. This anti bark device is meant for outside.

Are clicking sounds normal for the Super Bark Stop while in the ultrasonic mode? Yes. While in this mode, the clicking should be the only thing you can hear.

Why is the unit activating when there is no barking? What can I do about it? We recommend checking the sensitivity level and/or moving the device to another location.

Will the bark stopper work through walls or fences? No. This device uses sound waves to stop a dog from barking, and thus requires a direct line of sight between the device and the barking dog. Any obstacles, such as walls or windows, will prevent this device from training the dog to stop barking.

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