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SKM-C421 Medium (30" x 16") $70.95
SKM-C411 Large (48" x 20") $79.95
SKM-C472 Couch Protector (60" x 12") $70.95
SKM-PA A/C Adapter $19.99
SKM-C421E Medium Extension Mat $34.99
SKM-C411E Large Extension Mat $39.99

(Please see below for details)
  • Pet training mat
  • Static type deterrence
  • Available in three sizes: Medium, Large, or Couch Protect
  • Battery powered (9 volt battery - not included)
  • Battery lasts approximately 6 months operation or 10,000 activations.
  • A/C Adapter Optional (Sold separately)
  • Works silently
  • Flexible pad made of a PVC-material
  • Adjustable output: low, medium, high
  • Expandable with Extension Mats (Sold Separately)
  • Quick Snap design
  • 24/7 operation
  • LED activation light
  • Effective training method
Please continue to read for further information.

If you have any additional questions, please consult the Scatmat Instruction Manual.

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Safely, effectively and harmlessly teach your pet to stay away from areas you want to protect.

The ScatMat quickly conditions pets to avoid prohibited areas with harmless, low-power electronic pulses similar to static electricity. Place the flexible vinyl ScatMat in a room entrance, on your sofa, counter-top, or the hood of your car. The touch sensitive pad will silently protect prohibited areas from your pets. The ScatMat pet training mat is now available from PetSafe pet products!

When touched, the battery sends small pulses to the mat for 3 seconds. These surprising little "zaps" quickly repel most animals who stay away after one or two exposures - even after the mat is removed.

The vet approved ScatMat works when all else fails. Used in conjunction with your normal training techniques, and surface cleaning (as appropriate for elimination behavior changes) the ScatMat will help you restore harmony to your household.

Extension Mats provide additional coverage when used in conjunction with the original ScatMat pet training mats. The extension mats are a great accessory when you require coverage in multiple areas within a 12 foot range of each other.

It is in an animal’s nature to explore, but sometimes you just do not want your pet “exploring” all over your house.  Designed to keep pets off furniture or other designated areas, the ScatMat pet training mat provides the convenience of a personal pet trainer working 24/7 - at a fraction of the cost. The pet training aid works by delivering a short harmless shock - similar to a slight static shock - whenever anything steps on the surface of the ScatMat.

This is one of the easiest pet training devices available. You simply unroll the ScatMat in the area where you want to keep your pet away. Place it in areas like furniture, entry ways, on top of large appliances, countertops or anywhere you do not want your pet to be. This is the perfect method of approaching how to keep your dogs off furniture! The PetSafe ScatMat can be battery-powered by one 9 volt battery for up to six months or the optional A/C Adapter can be purchased separately.

After the Scat mat is in place, wait for your pet to step on it and feel the slight static electric shock - not painful, just surprising. Once your pet has experienced the Scat mats once or twice, it will not want to venture into that area again, even after the ScatMat has been rolled up and put away. Stop trying to figure out how to keep cats off furniture using the old method of yelling and simply place a ScatMat down to protect your valuable sitting areas! Perfect for keeping cats off counter spaces or window sills. Place the pet training mat on the couch for a protected area. Now you can keep the dogs off couch cushions or any other entertaining areas.

This pet boundary even lets you know how many times your pet has stepped on the ScatMat, so you know if Fido or Fluffy went somewhere they should not have been. The pet training device also features an adjustable power setting, depending on the size of your animal. This adjustable setting can be changed for cat training or even for smaller dogs that are sensitive by being placed on the 'Low' setting.

Keep your cats off the counter and keep your pets off the furniture easily! The Scat mat is the safe and easy way to train your pet, 24/7.

NOTE: Product accessories (Extension Mats and A/C Adapter) are only available for free shipping with the purchase of the one of the original ScatMat items. Free shipping is only available for a limited time and within the continental United States for ground shipping. Hawaii and Alaska customers may incur additional shipping charges and will be notified before the order is processed. Please contact us for a custom shipping quote.

Why It Works:

Habituated behavior patterns are often correctable through simple avoidance of problem spots. When positioned where pet feet will be just before an unwanted behavior is exhibited (i.e.: scratching, soiling, etc.), the PetSafe ScatMat sends a strong message to the pet while it is "thinking" about performing an undesirable act. Most pets quickly associate this unpleasant experience with the location. To avoid similar static sensations they begin to avoid the area.

Other Reasons Why the ScatMat Works:

  1. Training is consistent at the location, 24 hours a day.
  2. It is the environment, rather than the pet owner, doing the conditioning.
  3. The static sensations generated are sufficiently surprising and unpleasant. These sensations communicate an immediate "Leave now" message.

Why Choose the ScatMat?

The ScatMat is one of the most effective solutions available for location specific pet training. When all else fails, it works. Over 300,000 are in use and the average satisfaction rating exceeds 8 on the 10 point rating scale. Choose a ScatMat if you've tried sprays, sound devices or booby traps without success. It will help you correct unwanted behaviors by conditioning pets to avoid problem spots.

ScatMats are recommended by veterinarians, behaviorists and trainers as a safe, effective way to break habitual problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Contech/PetSafe Scat Mat:

Will the ScatMat hurt my pet? No. The ScatMat generates pulses like static electricity. You've probably felt these on dry days when you touch a handle, knob or other metal object. They are surprising, but otherwise harmless. The ScatMat creates this same type of sensation.

Will the ScatMat harm my child? No. Your child will feel a static type sensation when stepping on the mat with bare or stocking feet. It's surprising, but harmless.

Can I use my ScatMat outside? We do not recommend using the ScatMat outside. The power pack is not waterproof and when exposed to dust and dirt, there will be a dramatic reduction in the ScatMat's ability to detect an animal. If the power pack becomes wet, it will stop functioning.

Will I feel a static pulse if I walk on my ScatMat? You will feel a static pulse if you walk on the ScatMat in bare or stocking feet. The static pulse can be felt through material as thick as denim.

What setting should I use if I have both small and large pets to train? Use the High setting.

What do the experts say about the ScatMat and its use training pets? The manufacturer of the ScatMat consulted numerous animal welfare authorities when they brought the ScatMat to market. They concluded it has a positive roll to play in behavior training of pets.

How long does the battery last? A single nine-volt battery can operate for up to six months (or 10,000 activations), or in high traffic areas you can use the optional AC adapter, available separately.

How can I block an opening with the ScatMat? Entrance control is the toughest job for the ScatMat. Pets may jump over or sneak around the mat(s), but there are ways to avoid this. Here are a few pointers:

  • Select the right size mat to cover the opening, and place it on the pet's side of the entrance. Position the power pack and adapter away from the pet.
  • Fill any gaps around the mat with Extension ScatMats, Dummy ScatMats or obstacles.
  • Select the appropriate power setting for your pet's size.
  • Consider using the mat in combination with a pet gate. (Place the mat on the floor in front of gate.)

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