Enduromat KinderMat

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The most durable folding rest mat ever! Ultra-strong nylon binding will not crack or fray. Rugged polyester reinforced vinyl. Attractive red/blue color combination. Four-section, tri-fold nap mat.

Case of 12 for 1" Mat
Case of 6 for 2" Mat

Dimensions: 1" x 24" x 48" or 2" x 24" x 48", folds to 12" x 24".

EnduroMat Long-Lasting Nap Mat

It is important for a child to exercise, eat healthily, and obtain a proper amount of rest. Many experts agree that children need two 30 minute rest periods when in daycare, preschool, or another type of childcare situation. A child needs a true rest period in order to allow both their body and their mind to grow, develop, and function properly.

KinderMat is a company that is dedicated to creating nap mats for children that are comfortable and durable. A parent or childcare provider can feel confident in the KinderMat name and the high quality products that are associated with the company. One of these high-quality, comfy products is the EnduroMat.

This children’s nap time mat is considered to be the most durable folding rest mat that has ever been created. In fact, the EnduroMat is so durable that the manufacturers offer a three-year guarantee. 

The EnduroMat, ideal for daycare or preschool nap time, is made from 100% nylon, tear-proof reinforced cover.  With strong nylon, the binding on this kids' nap mat can withstand the toughest of kids. 

Children love the Enduro Mat because it is comfortable and colorful. The Enduro Mat is a pleasing red and blue combination that is appealing to the eye, as well as conducive to happy rest time. 

You have the choice between a one or two-inch thick nap time mat. Naptime is crucial to the proper development of a child; rest assured that your child is resting comfortably during nap time with the Enduro Mat. 

The KinderMat Enduro Mat can be found under the following product codes:
E1, PZ-E1, 
E2, PZ-E2, E2C, PZ-E2C