Kinder Mess Mat

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Save clean-up time and protect surfaces with a Kinder Mess Mat. Giant vinyl covers clean up fast with just soap and water. Made with a tough 7-mil vinyl and sturdy sewn bound edges. These Mess Mats are ideal for floors and other flat surfaces.

Available in two sizes:

  • 42" x 53" (Blue)
  • 38" x 80" (Yellow)

Kinder Mess Mat

With every KinderMat product, you get it all: kid-tested comfort and durability. All KinderMat products meet or exceed current U.S. safety standards.

Erase your cleanup time with the KinderMat Mess Mat!  Your little Picasso or Rembrandt will love the freedom of expressing their inner thoughts and feelings through outlets such as painting, drawing, and coloring.

When you facilitate art time, you allow a child to paint his future!  Sparking creative cognitive activity is a fundamental part of a child’s development, and it leads to a lifelong enjoyment of learning. 

However, these types of projects are super fun, but also super messy.  With the mess mat, you will never have to put a limit on a child’s creativity because of cleanup time.  The KinderMat Mess Mat is designed to promote a child’s creative faculties, without creating a huge mess. As a parent or childcare provider, you can save a lot of clean-up time and protect any type of floor surface by using the easy-to-clean KinderMat Mess Mat.

The KinderMat Mess Mat cleans up in seconds with a simple swipe of a soapy, wet cloth. The mess mat is made from an extremely durable, strong eight-millimeter vinyl that has sturdy bound edges. The KinderMat Mess Mat is recommended for use on floors and other flat areas.

Inspire your child’s imagination by letting them freely paint, draw, color, and create crafts – without having to worry about a mess. One day, the next Monet will credit his start to simple watercolors mastered on a KinderMat Mess Mat, kid-tested and teacher-approved.