Toddler KinderMat - Case of 12

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Get the 3/4" thick Toddler KinderMat Nap Mat for daycares, preschools, and kindergarten classrooms. Now available in two color combinations: Blue/Gray, Pink/Blue! The tough 8-mil vinyl covering provides durability. Four-section, tri-fold daycare mat. One year warranty.

Case quantity of 12 maps. Dimensions: 3/4" x 21" x 46" (no pillow section), folds to 11" x 21".

Toddler KinderMat Rest Mat

With a five star rating in superior quality and comfort, the former Super KinderMats, now known as the NEW Toddler KinderMat nap mats, was created specifically with the child’s needs in mind.  When a parent or childcare provider purchases a KinderMat product, they can rest assured that each product has been kid-tested for comfort and durability. That is a KinderMat promise.

The Toddler KinderMat saves a preschool or daycare center hundreds of dollars, traditionally wasted on replacing ripped rest mats.  With its indestructible layers of heavy-duty vinyl, this kid's nap mat will not rip nor fray – in fact, even this daycare sleep mat’s cover is made from tear-proof nylon mesh.  In addition, this sleeping mat is virtually germ-free and easy to wipe clean. 

Children love the Toddler KinderMat because it is colorful and comfortable. These childcare sleeping mats come in an attractive, eye-appealing green/white combination. This combination of colors encourages a child’s development and assists a child in learning to tell one color from another.

The Toddler KinderMat rest mat consists of soft foam that ensures extra comfort and proper rest. A child will feel comfortable, relaxed, and at ease when resting on a premier Toddler KinderMat.  Invest in the Toddler KinderMat - the best sleeping mat for nap time on the market!

The Toddler KinderMat was formerly known as the Super KinderMat, and can be found under the following product codes:

TBG-200, TBP-202, TBP200, TP202, SKM200, PZ-SKM200, TBG200C, TBP202, SKM200C, PZ-SKM200C

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