Toddler KinderMat with Pillow Section - Case of 10

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This type of preschool nap mat is perfect for daycares, preschools, or just as a place to rest! The Toddler KinderMat Nap Mat with Pillow Section has been kid-tested for durability and comfort, while you enjoy a vinyl material that is easy to clean.  Give your children the gift of peaceful rest with this exceptional kids’ napping mat. Now available in two color combinations: Blue/Gray, Pink/Blue! This former Super Kindermat features a one year warranty.

Case quantity of 10 maps. Dimensions: 3/4" x 21" x 46" (includes pillow section inside mat), folds to 11" x 21".

Toddler KinderMat Napping Mat with Pillow Section

Let the dreams begin with the Toddler KinderMat with Pillow Section! KinderMat products are cherished worldwide for three characteristics: quality, durability and affordability. The Toddler KinderMat with the Pillow Section is no exception to the rule of great daycare mats.

The Toddler KinderMat with Pillow Section is perfect for a preschool or a daycare center. It is important that children have a comfortable daycare mat to nap on, ensuring peaceful dreams and a rejuvenated spirit.  Both a child’s mind and body need a proper afternoon’s rest – providing them with the second wind needed to keep learning!

The Toddler KinderMat with Pillow Section is low in price, but has all of the KinderMat features that we have grown to love. This amazing, comfortable nap mat has an eight millimeter red and green vinyl cover that is easy to clean.

This childcare nap mat can fold to eleven by twenty-one inches. The Toddler KinderMat with Pillow Section is a four-section mat that contains a thick pillow section, guaranteeing a maximum level of comfort and deep rest.

The Toddler KinderMat w/ Pillow Section, which is the former Super KinderMat with Pillow Section, can be found under the following product codes:

TBG-201, TBP-203, TBG201, TBP203, SKM201, PZ-SKM201C, TBG201C, TBP203C, SKM201C, PZ-SKM201C

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