YardGard Silent Animal Repeller

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  • Coverage up to 4,000 square feet
  • Animal repeller made by Bird-X Inc.
  • Motion Sensor Range: 35 feet x 70 feet
  • Aids to repel: cats, dogs, raccoons, skunks, deer, chipmunks and other garden pests
  • Does not repel birds
  • Mount anywhere with keyhole slots
  • Continuous or motion-sensor operation - Built-in infrared motion sensor activates when pests move into its coverage zone.
  • Adjustable frequency - Powerful sonic and ultrasonic sound depending on the pest
  • Weather-resistant - snap-on rain cover protects controls
  • Dual operation - A/C input (25 ft cord length, included) or 4 C batteries (sold separately). Unit switches to battery power during a power failure (if batteries are in).
  • Please note: For the Continuous operation feature, the A/C input is the only available power option and the unit can not be powered by batteries during the usage of this feature.

Product Dimensions: 6.75” x 5.25” x 3.5”

The BirdX YardGard is also known as the Yard Gard, the YardGuard, and the Yard Guard, and can be found under the following product codes:
Individual Units: BXYG BIRDXYG

Set of 3: BXYG3, BIRDXYG3

YardGard Electronic Pest and Animal Repeller by Bird-X

Guard Your Yard! Your home is your safe haven. Protect it from unwanted invaders with the YardGard Silent Animal Repeller. This electronic pest control device is ideal for keeping away dogs, cats, raccoons, skunks, and other creatures. It's safe and humane design is great for those who want to avoid a messy and uncomfortable situation.

This electronic pest repellent features a device that produces powerful sonic waves, capable of frightening away pests of all kinds. This method is entirely humane for the animals, causing them no pain, only discomfort. The Yard Guard's ultrasonic technology is completely safe for use around humans. You can even mount it anywhere because of the Yard Guard Ultrasonic's keyhole slot. Just sit back and watch it defend your territory with sonic waves reaching upwards to 4000 square feet. It even features an option for motion-sensory, activating whenever an animal comes within a 35' by 70' range.

This sonic pest repeller comes with many custom options as well. You can choose to turn off the motion-sensory and leave it on continuous play. Users can also adjust the frequency of the Yard Guard ultrasonic repeller from powerful sonic to ultrasonic sound. Another feature allows you to even choose to power it through battery power or AC electricity. With all these options and so many safety features, it really is the best choice to defend your yard or home.

Frequently Asked Questions About The YardGard Silent Animal Repeller:

How does the programming knob on the YardGard work? Can I target more than one animal? Set it at the far end (clockwise) for the animal that you are targeting. The other pests below that level will be affected as well.

I don't see a setting for squirrels, rabbits, and other animals on the programming knob. What do I do? Begin by turning the frequency knob all the way clockwise. Adjust as needed every few days, based on results.

I set the YardGard out last night. Why aren't the animals getting scared away? It takes a few days and even a couple of weeks to work. Behavioral modification is a gradual and incremental process. The animals need to learn to associate the annoying sounds they don't like with your yard.

Does the Yard Gard need batteries? How long do they last? This outdoor pest repeller has two modes- you can plug it in OR run it on batteries. However, the unit cannot run in continuous mode without the (included) power cord. Instead, the pest deterrent runs on a motion sensor, only turning on when it senses something in your yard. If you'd like to run the unit on batteries alone, you'll need 4 C cell batteries (sold separately), which will last about 1 month. In addition, you can leave batteries in the repeller in case your power source is ever cut off. The YardGard will automatically switch modes and continue protecting your yard.

The unit will not turn OFF while on the MS (motion sensing) mode. What is wrong? The unit stays ON if the batteries are low and need to be changed.

Where should I mount the YardGard? The outdoor pest control unit should be facing the area with the problem, mounted at the height of the animal you wish to deter.

What size area will one YardGard cover? It depends on the setting. Typical coverage is 50’ forward and 30’ wide (1,500 Sq ft, higher frequency) which increases up to 80’ forward by 50’ wide at the strongest setting (lower frequency).

Will anyone be able to hear the YardGard? It's rare, but it has happened. Sounds are generally audible to the human ear if their frequency (number of vibrations per second) lies between 20 and 18,000 vibrations per second, but the range varies considerably with the individual. However, some mammals can hear well above this (bats can hear over 100,000 vibrations per second). The Yard Gard operates at 15,000 to 25,000 vibrations per second.

Does the YardGard have a warranty? In addition to the GoodDeals.com 30 money-back guarantee, the manufacturer of this item offers a 6-month warranty. Contact us for more information.

Can my pet hear the YardGard? Can it hurt them? Yes, pets can hear the noise, but it should not bother them if it is not facing them. It will never physically harm your pet.

How do I know the YardGard is working? In the “Cont AC Only” setting, the red light should be on. In the “MS AC or Battery” setting, the red light should come on when something passes in front of the unit. Also, the unit should make a chirping noise when turned on and/or when the red light (see above) first comes on.

Why does the YardGard make a chirping noise - I thought it was supposed to be silent to humans? The chirping sound is the unit powering up or when you use the motion sensor either with batteries or electric. It needs to travel through the audible sound levels before it reaches the ultrasonic frequency. The chirp is normal.

How do I know if I have the right repeller for my pest situation? Check out our other Bird-X Ultrasonic Repellers.

Additional Operating Tips for the YardGard Outdoor Pest Repeller:

1. Turning the frequency dial all the way clockwise (11 o’clock) is the strongest setting, lowest frequency.
2. The lowest frequency gives you the most coverage on the ultrasonics….does that mean it’s “stronger”? Hard to say what is most intense to an animal. 11 O'clock is the lowest frequency, in human range to some. It's probably the best strength level for all problems.
3. Constant On is a more effective deterrent.
4. The unit works on a line of sight.
5. The sound cannot penetrate solid objects.