Heavy-Duty KinderMat

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Do you need a strong nap mat, that will stand the test of time? Do your kids shift and kick in their sleep? If so, consider the Heavy-Duty KinderMat Sleeping Mat. Available in 1" &2" versions. Features strong 10-mil vinyl in a blue and teal combination with a light-gray binding. Four-section, tri-fold nap mat. Limited availability in case quantities only.

Heavy Duty 1" - Case of 12
Heavy Duty 2" - Case of 6

1" x 24" x 48" (1" Thick), folds to 12" x 24"
2" x 24" x 48" (2" Thick), folds to 12" x 24"

Heavy-Duty KinderMat Sleeping Mat

A child can easily become over-stimulated, causing changes in behavior and an overall feeling of tiredness. A child that is over stimulated often becomes cranky, anxious, and restless. Children are stimulated by everything in their environment, including interactions, playtime, and even snack time.  A child needs to rest properly in order to “regroup” their mind and body – preparing them for more learning in the afternoon!

With the Heavy Duty KinderMat, children have the luxury of an extremely comfortable daycare nap mat.  With this kid's naptime mat, a child will receive the proper rest that is needed to promote healthy development and growth.

The Heavy-Duty KinderMat is one of the most popular childcare nap mats on the market, and it is made from an incredibly strong nine-millimeter vinyl that is either one or two inches thick.

Children have come to love these sleeping mats because they are not only comfortable, but they are colorful in design. The Heavy Duty KinderMat comes in a pleasing, calming shade of blue and teal. These children sleeping mats are overall size of 24” x 48”. You never have to worry about your child resting properly when they rest on a KinderMat.

The Heavy Duty KinderMat can be found under the following product codes:

HDM301, PZ-HDM301, HDM302, PZ-HDM302, HDM302, PZ-HDM302, HDM302C, PZ-HDM302C

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