KinderSmock Art Apron (Sleeveless) - 12 Pack

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  • One size fits 3-8 Year-old age group
  • Available with 6 yellow and 6 blue
  • Self-adjusting velcro straps
  • Durable Construction
  • Made of 8 mil. heavy gauge vinyl with lock stitch trim
  • Nontoxic and fire retardant
  • Easy to put on - simply slips over the head
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • High-quality materials and thoughtful design
  • Also available in mixed cases of 12 (6 of each color).

KinderSmock (Sleeveless) - Pack of 12

Easy, over-the-head design avoids dressing struggles. Adjustable velcro closures simply press together for a secure, neat fit. Flame retardant, rugged vinyl protects from paints, markers, clay, water, or anything a young artist can dish out. No fray, lock-stitched binding. Generous sleeveless size KinderSmock fits ages 3 to 8. Available in blue or yellow.

Create a beautiful painting, without painting your clothes! The beauty of a painting smock for kids allows a child to complete art and craft projects without making a mess – or ruining their clothes. A KinderSmock was created to protect a child’s clothing from arts and crafts supplies, such as paint and glue.

However, an art smock is ineffective when the smock is challenging to put on and to take off. A child can create a bigger mess in trying to remove a paint-smeared art smock.

The KinderSmock was designed with children specifically in mind. This is an easy-on easy-off child paint smock that completely eliminates the struggle of having to unfasten annoying ties, belts, or straps. With this type of smock for kids, children can easily slip the smock right over their heads. In just seconds, your child is ready to begin or to end an art project.

Another benefit of using the Kinder Smock is that the art smock is extremely easy to clean. To clean these painting smocks, you only have to wipe the art smock clean with a damp sponge. The Kinder Smock is designed to fit children of different shapes and sizes.

Art time should be fun and creative, a chance for a child to express inner feelings and perceptions. Let their creativity shine, without taking the shine off of the clean floor. A child's paint smock will save you from the hassle of cleaning big time messes after all of that fun! Eliminate the mess by purchasing the affordable, popular Kinder Smock in the Easy-On Easy-Off style.